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Actors tease Game of Thrones Season 7 at the SAG Awards

Plenty of Game of Thrones cast members were in Los Angeles last night for the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, and while the show only took home one of the three awards for which it was nominated, the actors looked smashing on the red carpet, and plenty stopped to do interviews. Let’s have a watch.

Talking to Entertainment Tonight, Maisie Williams (Arya) answered more questions about what she expects life to be like after Game of Thrones, saying she’s equal parts scared and excited. “I’m just trying to do the last few scenes that I have justice. I’m just trying to shape Arya the way that I have been so far and give her a nice arc to end with and hope that people are happy with it.” Well, that sounds like someone who’s going to live to see Season 8, at least.

Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth) was also on hand, and had a fun interview with Angela Bishop of Studio 10.

A couple of talking points:

  • The production is “almost finished” shooting Season 7.
  • Cunningham hasn’t read the Song of Ice and Fire novels, and says that George R.R. Martin occasionally teases him about it by demanding “a full report.” I hope that’s not a joke.
  • Now that the show is beyond the books, showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have “a bit more artistic freedom” with how they craft the story.

Gwendoline Christie was very forthcoming about what’s happening in Season 7—it’s all about what cars the characters drive.

And yes, that jumpsuit is amazing.

Moving on to members of Team Daenerys, Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) waxes euphoric to Variety about working on what is, so as she’s concerned, the coolest show in the world…

…and Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) says what he can about what to expect from Season 7. Obviously, that’s not a lot, but he does say that it’s “a very exciting season” and that there’ll be “a lot of unexpected turns.”

Finally, here’s a video of a hilarious moment where Sophie Turner is eating her meal, realizes she’s on camera and gets embarrassed while Maisie Williams laughs.

Happy SAGs.


    • Exactly what I thought too! It sound s to me, like this may be her last season? 😳That would be as sad, for the mere reason that Sophie and Maisie would not be working together any more!😥They are like sisters and I love their friendship!

        • While you can interpret it either way I believe she is referring to scenes in the general sense. With less episodes she knows there are a limited number of scenes left for her to shoot, especially when she acknowledged in other interviews that she is basically done shooting season 7.

  • I’d hate it but I’m somehow convinced either Sansa or Arya won’t make it to Season 8.
    Not looking forward to more heartbreak and lose beloved characters but that’s Thrones.
    As long as Jon ( and Ghost ) and Tyrion stay alive till the very end I can handle it.

    • If we think of Seasons 7 and 8 as one long season split into two parts rather than two discreet seasons, they may be saving any big character deaths for closer to the end. We can’t be sure, though.

    • I would be very surprised if all of the surviving Stark Kids do not make it to the final season. It would seem a big waste of their story arc if they are not somehow involved in the final outcome of the series. However, it is GoT and surprises happen.

  • During Maisie’s interview there were a quick flashes from season 6 but also some footage I’ve never seen before. Were those from season 7?!?!?! Omg! Some one confirm please.

      • No it was more than that. Bits of sword play…..a shot of a wolf growling in the dark…..Jon and Aryia looking at each other (or so it seems)….a black horse running along a ridge….a close up of a hand touching an animal (a horse???) Anyway thats what I saw in the clip.

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