I can tell you that this season somehow is going to blow everyone’s minds even more than the last…The momentum that we’ve been building up for sort of really kicks into gear…Storylines are happening and sort of combining and crashing together. It’s a very, very dynamic season. I’m really excited for people to watch it.

Between Hodor’s death, the Battle of the Bastards, and Cersei blowing up the Sept of Baelor, Season 6 blew quite a few minds. It’s good to hear that Season 7 will bring the heat in similar ways. Considering some of the SPOILERS that have leaked, some scenes seem all but guaranteed to melt the internet.

But mostly, we’re excited for what we don’t know about yet. On that front, Emmanuel was understandably not forthcoming. The closest she came was when she answered a question about whether anyone dies. “Well, it is Game of Thrones. I’m sure someone’s gonna die. Sort of the done thing now.”

The future is exciting and terrifying.