A Song of Ice and Fire Books Featured George R. R. Martin

George R.R. Martin likely done reading new sample chapters from The Winds of Winter

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A Song of Ice and Fire author creator George R.R. Martin is still writing the sixth book in his series, The Winds of Winter, and recently announced that another story from him—The Sons of the Dragon—will feature in The Book of Swords, an anthology to be released in OctoberThe Sons of the Dragon is actually compiled from leftover material Martin wrote for companion book The World of Ice and Fire—he’d even read the story in public before, at the 2014 London Con. That’s not uncommon for him. When visiting conventions, he’s occasionally even read advance chapters from The Winds of Winter at cons, but it sounds like that’s over.


Martin discussed Dragons on his Not A Blog, where a fan asked him if we can expect him to read any new chapters from Winds at future cons.

I may give readings at upcoming cons, but they will probably be of chapters I’ve read before at other cons. There comes a point when you are simply putting too much of the book out there. It was not such a problem before the internet, but now everything I read gets transcribed and posted and leaked all over the world, so…

For those who want a preview of the book, there are several advance chapters already out there, many of which you can read in either full of summary form. Reddit conveniently collected all the links to what’s available:

It should be noted, however, that Martin has said that he was done with sample chapters from The Winds of Winter before, back in 2014 when he released “Mercy.” “How do you decide which chapters to share and which to hold on to until publication?” a fan asked. “Do you ever worry about revealing too much too soon?”

Yes. I worry about that all the time.

And I think I may be at the limit with WINDS.

And then, a year later, along came “Alayne.”

Yes, I know, I’d said there would be no more sample chapters, but (1) it had been more than a year since Mercy, (2) lots of you were asking, and (3) Anne Groell and my friends at Bantam twisted my arm.

Oh, how we all were sweet summer children back then. Still, that means it’s not impossible that Martin could release another chapter before Winds finally comes out, which Martin thinks is this year.


  • I have some gripes with GRRM, but he has been quite generous with the sample chapters, which have been excellent. So, I think that’s more than fair.

  • At this point, yet another sample chapter would make me feel that much more discouraged, because it would seem like GRRM is just throwing us another bone. An attempt to hold us over because he knows there’s been another setback and the book is no where near completion.

    It’s just like last year when the re-release of Game of Thrones was being hyped, I knew he would never release Winds of Winter anytime soon. It just wouldn’t make good marketing sense to release two of his books around the same time.

  • What this means that he has released all possible not-so-spoilery chapters. All remaining chapters have significant spoilers.

    He released Mercy because D&D stole good lines from that chapter and put them on the show way ahead of time. Forsaken was already offered at a Con. Alayne was given to Elio and Linda as a sample. We do not know any other chapter that was offered or spoiled to anyone. So this time he might mean what he said.

  • The Story always grows in the telling. I have to believe this is part of GRRM’s problem. This once planned trilogy was expanded from 4 to 5 then 6, now 7 books. It’s a huge story, very complicated to keep it all in alignment and internally consistent. Not only do we KNOW GRRM suffers tremendously from the pressure to write under a deadline, I find it reasonable to assume that this extra long delay in getting book 6 out is in part due to GRRM struggling to both write an ending and also keep the story from continuing to grow. (Recall he promised to not add any new POV characters in the last book , yet wound up doing it anyway.) Can GRRM TRULY finish in 7 books? I have to believe he is struggling mightily to do that,but finding it very very hard. Me? I just wish to hell the man and his publisher would release 400-500 page books every 3 years. Why this insistence on 1000 page tomes i just cant fathom. sigh….. the wait goes on.

    • I agree, I think over-indulgence is Martin’s biggest problem. I haven’t read all the books myself, but what I have read of them, and what I hear from readers, tells me that he gets a little TOO into detail sometimes, meandering in some storylines, etc. That’s not to say it isn’t good stuff, it’s just that… well, we all know that sometimes “Less is more.”

      It’s always harder to end a story than to start it. This happened to Tolkien as well, who took 14 years to write Lord of the Rings because the further he got into the story, the more he realized he had to go back, set things up differently, decide what’s important and all that. George, however, already has the beginning and middle of the story published, read, studied, appreciated, criticized, analyzed and even adapted already. So he doesn’t really have the freedom to just write anymore… he has to adhere to a plan while also figuring out the details of everything as he goes, which tends to bring up problems that need to be solved in not-necessarily ideal ways. In a story as sprawling as this one, it would be tough to do even if he weren’t painted into a corner by this point. Throw in the fact that the show has overtaken him, which seems to have led him to want to differentiate his version of the story from what the show is doing (maybe causing him to abandon certain plans or come up with new ones, which we knew has happened at least once, as he spoke about a twist that he thought of a year or two ago that he said the show wouldn’t be able to do)…. It’s a complicated job, to be sure. I’m sure he feels the pressure to make it as good as possible, with all the expectations growing. Good things take time.

      Of course, I won’t be surprised if fans are disappointed anyway, no matter how good it is. I can see it now: “All that waiting for THIS?! I expected perfection!!!”

  • The book is never coming out. We’ve been lied to and strung out enough. I bet if he put one solid week of real work into it he could be done. Enough of this bullshit

    • have you ever written a novel, let alone a series? have you been under pressure to perform for a hugely popular and acclaimed series? if you think it’s that easy and you’re a big enough fan, hey, why don’t you give it a shot? bring us your version of winds of winter in a week. i’m waiting.

      • He doesn’t need to bring you his version of someone else’s story because the producers and directors of the T.V. series is all ready doing that. This guy is just fn lazy just like every other fat person in the world. The author of the harry potter series has written circles around this guy. If he would just tell the story and not spend two three pages of describing what people are wearing or what they are eating it could prolly get done

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