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Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran) weighs in on several Game of Thrones fan theories

Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran) has been making the rounds during this off-season. While attending the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience at Madison Square Garden this week, he spoke to The Huffington Post about everyone’s favorite subject: Game of Thrones fan theories. Theories are the lifeblood that keeps the fandom alive, and Wright admits that he enjoys them. “God, I love it.”

I remember reading when I got sent the script for Season 6, and it had Hodor’s death in it. I thought, ‘God, this is amazing. Let me Google this to see if anyone came up with a theory,’ and of course there was some guy on some forum somewhere who had come up with ‘hold the door,’ ‘hold the door.’ It was in a slightly different context, but he got it absolutely dead-on, so it’s like anything really could happen.

So Wright learned the hard way never to underestimate Game of Thrones fans. There is some symmetry in the guy who plays the all knowing Three-Eyed Raven being obsessed with fan theories. And now that Wright and the rest of the cast have finished filming season 7, Wright has taken to the internet to see if any fans have correctly guessed what’s coming.

[T]here are times you read it and go, ‘Holy shit! Yep, they’ve got it…

Even though we’ve just shot Season 7, you have no idea how it’s gonna end or what’s gonna happen in Season 8, so I love going online and seeing what people are coming up with.

Wright indulged The Huffington Post and ran through some of the more popular fan theories out there, including one particularly wacky one: is Bran Stark also the mythical Bran the Builder, the man who build the Wall?

Bran the Builder is a legendary figure from thousands of years in Westeros’ past. In addition to helping build the Wall, he also had a hand in the construction of Storm’s End, House Baratheon’s ancestral castle. The theory goes that, because Bran can now influence the past (at least slightly), he may have gone back in time, warged into the Bran the Builder, and nudged him to build a giant ice wall to stop the White Walkers.

What does Wright think of that?

Yeah, I read a lot of that. Sounds cool. I don’t know to be honest. Anything is a possibility with ‘Game of Thrones.

Another fan theory: Bran might move beyond warging into ordinary animals and possess one of Daenerys’ dragons. Remember what the Three-Eyed Raven’s once told Bran about the prospect of regaining his mobility: “You’ll never walk again, but you will fly.” So is there a chance of that?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s cool! That’d be up there on my list of things I’d like to be … dragon, number one. You’ll have to watch and find out.

We can assure you, we will be watching.

And now we arrive at perhaps the weirdest fan theory in the lineup. It goes that Jon Snow was not the only child of Lyanna Stark, and that he has a twin sister out there: Meera Reed. Wright went directly to the source for this one.

I love this… I’ve talked to Ellie about this, who plays Meera, and she was saying she thinks it’s more the show. Because she and Kit look quite similar, because in the books I don’t think [they do]. I love that idea because it does make sense because Howland Reed is that last guy.

No official confirmation on any of these theories, but still fun to see the cast discussing them among themselves.

Season 7 premieres July 16th.


  • Brans new jacket is made of living woodland animals that Bran has mind control over because he left his real jacket in the cave.

  • Bran warged into a piece of s*#t that landed on Cersei during her walk of shame. No-one threw it, he warged into it from the future then jumped onto Cersei. He made sure to pick the one that smelt like her mum’s s*%t in order to really upset her and tip her over into burn down the sept with the cache of wild fire he of course, told the mad king to put there. This was to clear the way, so that when he becomes a dragon, he can use the shell of the building as a giant bong whilst singing ‘puff the magic dragon’ which he has known for millennia cos he’s actually Bran the Builder’s dog. That’s why he also wargs back in time into Jeffrey’s ‘pinched little head’ and got him to be mean to Sir Pounce. Oh and, of course, all of this happened in the eye of a blue-eyed giant who is a lift operator who regularly hears people say ‘hold the door’

  • Still think Meera is Ned’s daughter with Ashara. If she were a twin, there would be nowhere to hide her at the Tower of Joy. Kit Harrington was on set during filming that scene, so chances are good we will revisit it to hear what Lyanna whispered.

  • It would be cool if Meera were a Targaryen, the dragon must have 3 heads. Jon, Meera, and Dany. Really cool, but I doubt it.

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