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Game of Thrones turns up at Brexit debate, in the Florida State House, and elsewhere

We’re getting more and more info about Game of Thrones season 7 these days. And with the announcement of a premiere date for Season 7, you best believe the hype is real. It’s so real, even people in the political realm can’t help mentioning it.

Last month in British Parliament, a debate over Brexit in the House of Lords took a turn towards Winterfell when labour peer Baroness Crawley warned British Prime Minister Teresa May about the unseen dangers of the United Kingdom pulling out of the European Union. “As they say on Game of Thrones, winter is coming.”

Some might call this political fear-mongering, but our world isn’t the one being threatened by White Walkers. So we’re all set.

Game of Thrones turned up in Florida politics, as well. State House Speaker Richard Corcoran posted this video at the end of February to remind his constituents that “Session is Coming.” Sound familiar? Of course. But check out the video for yourself, it’s a trip.

The Florida Congress got pretty dark with this one, hearkening back to plenty of Game of Thrones teaser trailers we’ve seen over the years.

In fake politics, Practical Folks is back with more episodes of Power Hour, its Game of Thrones-themed old school public access show featuring Cersei and Littlefinger as hosts. Well, they’ve been powering out even more amazing episodes on YouTube lately, featuring guests like Joffrey, Benjen, and a sensual Renly Baratheon.

Right now, we’re up to Episode 5. The next one brings back the Sansa lookalike from Episode 2. We’ll definitely be standing by, waiting to tune in for more News of the Realm.

Finally, Maisie Williams and Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven on Stranger Things) are starring in a Converse ad together. It’s as close as we’re likely to get to a Game of ThronesStranger Things crossover.

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