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Dragons will be “the size of 747s” in Game of Thrones season 7

With each new season of Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons grow in size. In season 6, all three were huge, with Drogon being the biggest. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, director Matt Shakman (one of four directors helming episodes for season 7) revealed that the trend will continue.

The dragons this year are the size of 747s. Drogon is the biggest of the bunch — his flame is 30-feet in diameter!

Clear the runway for dragons. (Photo credit should read JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

That is a scary prospect for Daenerys’ enemies. Just to let you know exactly how large a Boeing 747 actually is, the plane itself is 230 feet long and has a 210 feet wingspan. That’s big, folks.

EW goes on to say that because the dragons are going to be so large this season, and with the added firepower, battles involving them will most likely play out differently than in past seasons.


We’re not completely sure what that means, but with dragons this size, it’s hard to imagine any man-made machine bringing them down. So now the real question is: How long before Dany ascends the Iron Throne with the great beasts at the head of her army? Let’s hope we get to see lots of dragon fire and carnage in season 7.


  • it would be nice if someone killed the dragons and removed that magic trump card. seems incredibly lame that one character magically got gifted dragons when the whole appeal of the story was the realistic consequences characters faced for their actions

      • Everyone seems to have forgotten about the Direwolves. They have been hiding in plain sight, but obviously will play a part in the story

        • Err… besides possibly Nymeria and Ghost, they’re dead. And what could a couple of oversized wolves do against a dragon? Even at last season’s size, Drogon could chomp them in one gulp…

    • Bob, you speak as if you know how this story will play out. Just because Dany apparently has the most powerful weapon in “the Game” currently doesn’t mean it will stay that way. Dragons are essentially magic, and there are other forms of magic in play throughout the story. Lets just wait and see how it all plays out.

    • But let’s put this in perspective. Dany wasn’t gifted dragons. She was gifted eggs that were supposed to be dead fossils that she could display on her mantle and brag about as collector items. But they hatched and she then had to raise them which included a) protecting them from the jealous advances of others (of which there were many) and b)developing her own relationship with them. Neither of these was a foregone conclusion. In GRRM’s world animals are wild and have their own motivations, as Drogon demonstrates very clearly, and they’re also susceptible to being killed (i.e. Lady), especially as babies.

      Yes Dany has this overwhelming trump card now, but that wasn’t always the case and she had to put in work to get this far. Plus keep in mind even full-grown dragons must be cared for and balanced against they dangers they pose to the people she wants to rule. And of course full-grown dragons can be killed, which GRRM clearly demonstrated in his story about the Dance of Dragons, in which numerous dragons and their riders go down.

  • One character was gifted dragons? The story goes back centuries, and dragons are part of the story and magic is part of the appeal: Warging, The Three-eyed Raven, Black Magic (bringing back the dead, shadows that kill, etc.). The story wouldn’t be the story without magic. Jon Snow would be dead. The appeal of the story is a perfect balance between magic and “reality”. It’s fiction. Nothing is real!

    • I tried to put the spoiler block on my comment, but if I screwed it up, admin people please just delete it. Not sure if I did it right.

      Nevermind. I just deleted it. Was worried it was going to show up without the block.

  • Lets hope Dany has braziers to push over randomly to kill the Lannisters or perhaps any other foe. May even braziers to keep her warm. The gods know she isnt used to cold weather

  • Ugh I can’t wait. July 18th can’t get here soon enough. That’s AWESOME and the bit about the fire being 30ft in diameter is great. Let’s you know the extent they are putting into this. Wish they’d make some of the action movies that are out these days. Would do a bang up job. This friggin show is great. What a great time to be alive!!! (No JINX!!)

      • I might take a holiday. Being in Scotland means I would have to stay up till 2 am to watch premiere then go to work at 5 am. Otherwise watch it Monday evening and avoid news, internet, newspapers, radio and people. Might bring about a nervous breakdown in contrast to the excitement waiting world cause.

  • I cant help but to think momma Stark was such a major biotch to Jon Snow. In the book she is still around half dead somewhere in the riverlands. They both have being killed in common, but i wonder if in the book when Jon is resurrected and fights for winterfell will he ever cross paths with her or learn of her. Tisk tisk tisk? The king in the North

    • Cersei just needs to drink more again… I just rewatched Blackwater, where she gets all shit faced and rips the piss out of Sansa! It’s Cersei at her best!! ‘Prey to the gods for mercy meh meh meh’
      Cersei to win!!!

  • I would love to see Dorgon chomp cersie in half like,y’know? With her hands up like blocking the sun or something?. If he were to regurgitate her from tasting awful would not be a cgi budget waste. After Euron might blow his horn, maybe?

    • That regurgitation scene would be priceless but I am guessing Cersei will die either in childbirth or a miscarriage, with Jaime the one who got her pregnant, thereby fulfilling Maggie the fortuneteller’s Valonqar prophecy.

  • I think it’s an overstatement. At the size of a 747 it’s far too big, too fast. I could see Balerion be that big, but he was 200 years old! Drogon is what, 7 years, maybe more? He might be big for a dragon but that big…

    Furthermore, having a dragon that big in medieval times, even with other magic users possibly having dangerous spells, would be like having a arsenal of nukes available! And what will happen when Tru… err, Danaerys throws a tantrum?

    Anyway, my point is: at this size, Drogon could possibly eradicate the entire White Walker army! And we still have to see the Night King usher a single little Ice Shard spell… It’s not gonna make good TV if it’s that easy to win against them…

    • 1) I doubt it’s an overstatement, since the dragons were already nearing the size of airplanes in season 6. Did you not watch it?

      2) Comparing the rate of growth to Balerion, who took hundreds of years to reach that size, is something that came up on Facebook today, and I explained there that Dany’s dragons are special. They weren’t born normally, they were birthed through a magical event, and as such, it seems they have accelerated growth. Jorah made a point of mentioning in the season 3 premiere, “They’re growing fast.” So the show has pointed out that they seem to be growing faster than normal.

      3) Assuming that just because Dany has huge dragons, it means she’ll have an easy time of things is pretty short-sighted. You have to know that neither George nor D&D are going to make it that easy for her. There are several ways to throw a wrench in her gears. Wildfire (do we know what kind of effect it has on dragons?), maybe Euron will have the horn that controls them, the Night King will likely have tricks up his sleeve… It’s also possible, and IMO likely, that Dany will have moral concerns about using the dragons willy-nilly (or at least, Tyrion will have moral concerns that he implores on her) when using them means burning a bunch of people to death in an instant. Tyrion talked her back from using them to burn the slave cities to ash, remember? Made her take a more tactful approach. I assume that similar moral concerns will arise again and it will complicate the situation.
      Again, plenty of ways for things to stay interesting.

      4) … and even if she does just burn everybody to a crisp and win easily… that’ll still be awesome!

      • Yes, I did watch season 6. But a 747 is huge compared to other planes! I still think it’s too big.

        Though I don’t quite agree with your idea that Dany’s dragons were special. Who knows how Balerion was born? Maybe all dragons are born with some sort of magic ritual. I personnally think that the main “magic spell” that happened was the TV-Schedule one :)

        And I’m sure that Dany won’t have it easy either. I expect it actually. I’m just wary of a too simple conclusion to a wonderful saga, considering that in the latter seasons, I get the feeling they cut it short at some places…

        Given all that… YEAH it’s gonna be awesome!

    • “like having a arsenal of nukes available”
      Clearly, you have little understanding of what just one nuke can do. I apologize for intruding our ‘real’ world into the discussion…

      • Uh, what? Of course I know what a nuke can do. It can destroy a small city. I think Drogon can do that. Besides, I said “in a medieval world”. It’s a perspective…

  • The miscarriage will kill cersie. Little brother as in tommens little brother. What better then her most redeeming quality kills her.

  • It’s July 17, 2017 for the premier date. Dany birth her dragons from petrified eggs, and everyone thought all dragons were dead. Cersi has wildfire, so saying Dany has fair advantage is all wrong.

    • Sorry it’s July 16, 2017. All the numbers point to the Season 7, wonder are they going to do the same thing for season 8?

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