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Fan-made posters for Game of Thrones season 7: Night King Edition

Now that HBO has released an official poster for Game of Thrones season 7, you might think it would dampen fans’ enthusiasm for making their own. Not so. We’ve collected some of the terrific fan-made posters currently floating around the internet.

Many of these posters include the Night King, who is coming.

The Night King stands in front of the Iron Throne, implying that he’ll also be vying for it. Although our guess is he’d likely just freeze it and smash it to pieces. (Also, points to the creator for replacing the Seven-Pointed Star behind the Iron Throne with the Lannister lion.)

This next one puts the Night King directly on a now-frozen Iron Throne. If he becomes king, we don’t see him attending many Small Council meetings.

The ice and fire motif in this poster is more in line with HBO’s actual poster. Let’s not forget there is an official one out there:

Now, let’s leave King’s Landing and head north, where fans are predicting bad things for the Wall.

This might be my favorite. The Night King brings down the Wall as the hordes of the undead await. It’s a chilling image, and one that we might actually see in season 7.

And here’s what that scene looks like an hour later. I’m already getting goose bumps. July 16 can’t arrive fast enough.


    • Haha omg that’s too funny !! Yea , The Night’s King will make the Westerosi citizens pay for the new wall too lol:))
      Valar Morghulis

  • Seeing Sam at castle black with that wooden pratice sword swinging it the way he was or lack of swinging, leaves me to wonder when using dragonglass, do you have to scratch the undead,stab them or what. Or do you scream NOOOOO real loud before the attempt.

  • Love the fire and ice theme because ultimately the Knights king is a prime time player coming to conquer all but I love the iced out throne of swords but once he sits on it would he be destroyed since valerian steel is apart of it? There was the story of a man falling in love with a female wight, will Dany wed the Knights king in a similar fashion? Think about it…fire and ice, hmmm???

    • Hmmm… That’s too far fetched I think. That’d be crazy
      I’m sure Fire and Ice applies more to Jon.
      He’s the perfect combo!

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