Neil Marshall teases season 4’s huge episode

In a new interview published today by the Irish Film & Television Network, Neil Marshall, director of season four’s ninth episode, has provided an in-depth look at the episode’s production with a few hints as to what we can expect. From what Marshall has to say, it looks like the penultimate episode will be on a scale greater even than that of “Blackwater,” which he also directed.

For his introduction to the show, Marshall famously took the reins of the season 2 episode with only a week to prepare. This time around, he had four weeks to prep, working with Boardwalk Empire director of photography David Franco. He says GoT‘s writers are open to collaboration, and he typically offers his input on the more physical aspects of the episode, but that the writing itself is so good, “I don’t tamper with the material at all.” He refers to episode 9 as “a huge episode,” filled with “stunts, effects gags and visual effects.”

Since the director is referring to events that occur in the episode, his further remarks do contain spoilers and will be posted under the cut.

According to Marshall:

  • The episode focuses on the battle for Castle Black and there are “three different battles going on at the same time in different places.”
  • Approximately 200 extras were needed, plus a very large stunt crew, “including this amazing bunch of Hungarian stunt guys,” Marshall notes.
  • In addition to the preexisting Castle Black set at Magheramorne Quarry, GoT partially built another within the Paint Hall for the top of the Wall, taking up the entire studio. They needed to use the largest backdrop in Europe for the set.
  • Expect to see “a few beheadings in there,” according to the director. “And yeah, we got to blow some people up, set people on fire and do quite a few high falls.”

The director discusses his style in film, and chats about his work on Michael Bay’s new TV series Black Sails. Visit IFTN for the full article.

Ours is the Fury: I think we really lucked out getting Marshall on “Blackwater,” and having him return for another complicated battle episode is smart. I can’t wait to see what they’ve put together.


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