What’s going on with Kit Harington’s contractually-obligated hair?

Game of Thrones actor, Kit Harington’s hair is the topic of much debate

Kit Harington has been the subject of many a Game of Thrones news articles, lately. And at his newest movie’s U.K. premiere, Testament of Youth, Kit once again caused the Game of Thrones rumor mill to churn. The actor’s hair is noticeably shorter, which shocked many Game of Thrones fans, as Jon Snow’s luxurious locks are supposed to remain long, according to his contract with HBO.

Warning: There will be spoilers for both the show and books, after the jump

Jon Snow Hair GIF (Game of Thrones)

So what does this all mean? Why is Kit Harington trimming his hair? Because let’s be honest, it’s not that much shorter, right? Well, there are loads of possible answers, which are purely speculation, and which we will get to. So, again I say, turn back now, oh ye who wish to remain unsullied.

In October we told you about the contract extension that the core cast of actors in Game of Thrones signed, through Season 7. Of course, Kit Harington is part of that core group and signed his extension as well. At the time, many book savvy fans, used that news, in order to speculate on Jon Snow’s fate, past A Dance with Dragons.


Seriously the spoilers are about to get thick

At the end of Jon Snow’s last chapter, in A Dance with Dragons, he is stabbed repeatedly, by his brothers in the Night’s Watch, before falling to a fate left unknown. Jon’s death/not-death has become possibly one of the biggest cliffhangers in modern literature.  So, when Kit Harington shows up for a movie premiere, after his Game of Thrones Season 5 filming is wrapped, with shorter hair, people understandably begin to freak out.

However, could Kit’s shorter hair just simply be the product of something that happens in Season 5, without him dying? Another big event for Jon Snow, this season will be his appointment to the position of Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Could it possibly make sense that Jon decides he needs a hair cut, so that he looks more Lordly?

Another possibility still stands. What if Jon does in fact die in A Dance with Dragons, yet is brought back to life? How would that even happen? For one, the Red Priestess, Melisandre, is a priestess of R’hllor, as is Thoros who revived his friend Ser Beric Dondarrian with the last kiss of fire. And, it was Ser Beric who brought Lady Catelyn Stark back to life, with his last act, a last kiss of life.

Melisandre is at Castle Black when Jon Snow is attacked and presumably killed. Is it such a stretch to deduce that she would give Jon the kiss of life, bringing him back from the dead? It is assumed that Melisandre is a far more powerful servant of R’hllor that Thoros, so she would definitely have the power to do so under the right circumstances.


There is also the Theon Greyjoy blood sacrifice theory. The theory holds that Theon will be sacrificed by Melisandre or Bran in a blood magic ritual, which will serve to bring Jon Snow back to life. Now, as theories go, this is one certainly falls into the “crackpot” category, but it is something to think on.

Of course, all of this could be a moot point, and Kit might have been allowed to slightly trim his hair for it all to fit under his wig for Testament of Youth, because it would be sure to grow back by the time Season 6 begins filming later this year. And, maybe Jon Snow isn’t dead, but has a few deep cuts instead, and Wun Wun rushes to his aid, smashing Bowen Marsh and the rest of the brothers who were stabbing him. I guess we won’t find out until Mr. Martin gives us The Winds of Winter.

Jon Snow Hair (Game of Thrones)


You think Jon survived A Dance with Dragons? Will he come back in The Winds of Winter? Do you think Kit’s hair length even matters? Let’s talk about it, in the comments below.