Doctor Who: Was the Davros Rumor Actually True?

Almost three months ago, there was quite the interesting rumor about the upcoming season of Doctor Who. Davros was supposedly returning to the show in the two part premier episodes, only as a child. It was even rumored that the Doctor would have to decide whether or not to kill the adolescent Davros, giving Series Nine a truly dark feel right off the bat.

It was easy to dismiss this rumor, at least in part. The Doctor potentially killing a child? That changes the dynamic of Doctor Who entirely. No matter who the child turns out to be, that is truly an evil act.

Well, maybe those rumors from three months ago were actually true. In his recent interview discussing Series Nine, Peter Capaldi mentioned that the Doctor would be in a “conflict central to his being” that contains “subtle tributes to the 1960’s.” Capaldi also mentioned that the photo shows the Doctor about to “make a mistake that has cataclysmic repercussions.” Those are truly ominous statements.

Could it be that the Doctor truly kills the adolescent Davros? That would certainly be a situation that could have those cataclysmic repercussions. Instead of being considered a hero and a savior to the weak and helpless, the Doctor could be a fugitive from justice, being hunted across all of time and space for a crime that is considered truly heinous. We cannot really have an evil Doctor, can we?

Likewise, by killing Davros, the Doctor would change the timeline of the Daleks. Actually, since Davros was the one that created the Daleks, would they even exist any longer? If not, does that mean that the Time War never happened, and Gallifrey is back where it belongs?

Even though it is more than likely that these rumors of the Doctor killing a child are entirely inaccurate, it is certainly enough make one pause, especially when an appearance by a younger Davros may actually happen. The Doctor would certainly have quite the moral dilemma – kill a child, or allow him to grow up and create the Daleks, resulting in the deaths of countless innocent beings.

It seems as though the opening two part episode for Series Nine on Doctor Who will have quite the interesting decision for the Doctor. If the rumors of Davros returning are true, then his actions could have extremely far reaching consequences.