Comic-Con 2015: The Eighth Doctor Gets New Miniseries From Titan Comics!

Titan Comics held their own Doctor Who-themed panel at San Diego Comic-Con today, and while most of the focus was on their upcoming Four Doctors event series, it was also revealed that the next Doctor to receive a special miniseries would be none other than Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor!

The Titan panel consisted of writers Paul Cornell, George Mann, Cavan Scott, and Steve White, artists Blair Shedd and Alice X. Zhang, editor Andrew James, and moderator/Titan merchandise director Andrew Sumner.

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The new Eighth Doctor comic will launch this October, with seasoned Doctor Who writer George Mann at the helm and art by Emma Vieceli. Several covers for the first issue were shown to the crowd, including one featuring a gorgeous portrait by Alice X. Zhang, similar to the covers she’s done for the other Doctors:

Cover to Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #1 by artist Alice X. Zhang (Credit: Titan Comics)

Another featured a photo cover, featuring Paul McGann himself:

Photo Cover to Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #1, coming this October (Credit: Titan Comics)

Not much else was revealed about the Eighth Doctor’s new adventure, but who cares? It’s an Eighth Doctor comic book! I’m so excited I could shout! Okay, I shouted — my cats are very frightened now.

Moving on to Four Doctors, Cornell said the main thrust of the story is “all about a photograph which means the end of the universe” and attempts to stop the photo from being taken. He also said that Clara is trying to prevent “some kind of multi-Doctor event,” but “thankfully she fails.” A trailer for the five-part miniseries was shown to the crowd (which may or may not be the one that was released a few weeks ago). The first issue will be in stores August 15.

There was also talk of the Year Two comics that will begin in each series following the Four Doctors event. New Eleventh Doctor writer Si Spurrier wasn’t present, but did send an amusing video message. He teased that the new story would take inspiration from the “unfilmable insanity” of classic Doctor Who comics by the likes of the great Alan Moore.

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The story arc for the Eleventh Doctor will feature the Doctor accused of a terrible offense, but unable to recall if he actually committed the act or not. In his search for the truth, the Doctor will be joined by two new companions as they go on the run, seeking aid from allies and enemies alike. The most interesting part? The mysterious event took place during the Time War, meaning the War Doctor will be a recurring presence in the ongoing story. I’ll buy anything with the War Doctor, so this is some exciting news.

Also announced was a Twelfth Doctor Holiday Special by George Mann and Cavan Scott. Not much else was revealed, but the story is said to be “dark.” Wouldn’t be Christmas otherwise, would it?

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UPDATE: Titan have now revealed a high-res image of the third cover design for the Eighth Doctor’s first issue, with art by Warren Pleece:

Alternate cover for Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #1 by Warren Pleece. (Credit: Titan Comics)

What do you think? Are you excited for the Eighth Doctor miniseries and the rest of the Titan Comics slate? Sound off in the comments below!