Doctor Who: Could the Return of Morbius Happen in Series Nine?

The trailer for Series Nine of Doctor Who had quite a bit of information. While most of the images and moments captured within were nothing more than brief snippets lasting a few seconds, there were quite a few notable aspects. Even with that brief time frame, there were still quite a few that made one stand up and pay attention.

One of these moments involved the appearance of several humanoid females clad in red robes and holding torches. In the cavern with them is a cloaked male, while thick lines across his face. Who, exactly, is this disfigured being?

With these robed females likely to be the return of the Sisterhood of Karn, we may well have an answer. If this is Karn, we would find ourselves upon the stronghold of Morbius, the Time Lord who became a criminal mastermind. Could Morbius be ready to make his return, setting in motion another plan of conquest and warfare?

We do know that Clare Higgins, who portrayed Ohila, is returning. She was the one that handed the Eighth Doctor the potion to set about his regeneration into the War Doctor. Likewise, the Sisterhood had been diametrically opposed to Morbius, entering the Pact of Rassilon to be protected by Gallifrey in their battles against Morbius. What part could the Sisterhood, if any, be playing in a potential return for Morbius?

Perhaps, if Morbius is returning, he is looking to exact some revenge on those he felt contributed to his downfall. The Sisterhood, being there on his stronghold, may be an easy target for a resurrected Morbius looking for revenge. After all, what better way to announce that he has returned than by taking out those who protect the Sacred Flame, taking the Elixir of Life for himself?

Missy had filled the role of the true foil to the Doctor on Doctor Who, a Time Lord who was the diametric opposite of the Doctor. Yet, their relationship always seemed to lack that true adversarial nature one would expect from the Doctor’s arch nemesis. Perhaps bringing back someone who has the legacy of evil as Morbius would change that, and provide the Doctor with a true villain.

Could Morbius return to Doctor Who in Series Nine? It would certainly fill a void in the show, giving the Doctor a true enemy that is not a Dalek.