Harington Hair Watch 2015: Kit Harington Confirmed in Belfast


UPDATE: 2:30pm. We now have a brand new picture of Harington in Belfast and this is no blurry SnowFoot/UJSO type conspiracy photo. It’s really him. And all his hair. In Belfast.


The hair could not be reached for comment, but it did clearly look pleased with its current man bun state.

(Thank you to commenter—Miss—who brought us this photo!)

Original Post:

Finally! After days and days of tweets claiming that Kit Harington is in Belfast, but no visual evidence, PROOF has surfaced on the internet. WE HAVE A PICTURE…err, we think.

It is (unfortunately) extremely blurry evidence. Like a picture of Bigfoot or a UFO. It’s a UJSO, an Unidentified Jon-Snow-Like Object.


Could this really be him? Or just a bloke who kinda looks like him? (This is like the zapruder film of Game of Thrones.) Just as importantly: Is his hair intact?

And if Kit Harington is in Belfast, does that mean Jon Snow lives? Or is he there, like Nell Tiger Free, because his body is needed for the funeral scene?

As for his hair, from the looks of it—if this is indeed Harington and not a convincing hoax, destined to one day find it’s way into a marathon special on the History Channel—is pulled back and still long. Also, all facial hair is indeed intact.

He still could just be there to film the funeral. But if he was, then why all the “Hush hush! No pictures please, we’re spoilers?”

H/T Watchers on the Wall

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