Finally! Doctor Who Series 8 Coming to Netflix in August!

The moment Doctor Who fans all over the United States have been waiting for is finally here — Netflix has revealed their slate of movie and TV show additions for August 2015, and Doctor Who‘s Series 8 is among the new releases.

Yesterday, we revealed that Doctor Who Series 8 would arrive on Hulu’s subscription service on August 8, and now we can confirm that Series 8 will hit Netflix on the same day. (Yes, sadly, this is only for American Netflix users; Series 8 will arrive on August 31 for Netflix users in Australia and New Zealand. UK fans are out of luck — the BBC keeps a tight grip on Doctor Who in its home country).

The Netflix release date for Doctor Who Series 8 has been a source of much speculation the past few months. Our sibling site Netflix Life reports its been one of the most requested shows from their readers. In April, I myself wrote an article speculating when the latest season would hit Netflix and it’s been the most read piece on Doctor Who Watch ever since it was published. I was way off base, by the way — based on previous releases, I end up with a predicted release date sometime in late June.

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman star in Doctor Who Series 8 (Credit: BBC America)

Netflix is currently host to all seven previous Doctor Who series, along with a random selection of classic Doctor Who episodes. In addition, they have all four series of Torchwood and the excellent documentary The Science of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Series 8 began on August 23, 2014 with Peter Capaldi’s first full episode, ‘Deep Breath,’ his first since the Doctor’s regeneration in the 2013 Christmas special, ‘The Time of the Doctor.’ The Series 8 finale, ‘Death in Heaven’ aired on November 8, 2014, followed by the Christmas special, ‘Last Christmas.’ All 13 episodes (12 regular stories plus the Christmas special) are expected to be available to stream when Series 8 arrives on Netflix August 8.

Doctor Who Series 9 will premiere September 19, 2015 on BBC America in the United States (BBC One in the UK). For complete information, check out our episode guide, ‘Doctor Who Series 9: Everything There is to Know So Far.’

What say you? Are you excited for the release of Doctor Who Series 8 on Netflix? Did you miss the show when it originally aired or will you be going back for a rewatch? Sound off in the comments below!