Doctor Who: Multiple Doctors in the Series 9 Finale?

As fans anxiously await the beginning of a brand new season, it’s important to remember that this is a very important time for our favorite program. This year marks the tenth anniversary since Doctor Who triumphantly returned to our screens. Titan Comics has acknowledged this fact with not one but two special miniseries, which together honor all of the incarnations from Christopher Eccleston onward. Considering that this is an anniversary year and that we may be waiting an eternity for another new season, it seems odd to me that Steven Moffat wouldn’t be honoring this milestone in some significant way. Or is he?

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Recent rumors have surfaced that the season finale could feature cameos by both Paul McGann and David Tennant. It all started when both Tennant and Russell T. Davies were spotted in Cardiff. Moffat has claimed that we will be getting an answer to the return of Capaldi’s familiar face, meaning a return to Pompeii is not out of the question. Then, a second rumor at Warped Factor has claimed that the penultimate episode will have a “degeneration” scene with the Doctor flashing back to past incarnations. This was followed by an insane rumor that McGann and Tennant would be appearing as “Time Lord ghosts” guarding a Time Lord tomb. No matter how they actually appear, does it seem too much of a stretch that we might also see some sort of flash to Christopher Eccleston and Matt Smith?

Recent set photos have shown Jenna Coleman in a waitress outfit filming at Eddie’s Diner from the Eleventh Doctor story ‘The Impossible Astronaut.’ The return to this location is a curious one, which has sparked its own set of theories. This could possibly be one of the “splintered” Claras from ‘The Name of the Doctor.’ Another possible explanation that has surfaced is that the Doctor is searching for clues to Gallifrey’s location throughout his past lives.

I think that the cameo appearances of McGann and Tennant are not only true, but we are going to get nods to Smith and Eccleston too, giving us a special wink at the past ten years and all of the new series Doctors. It’s important to remember that McGann would be included in that circle with his return in ‘The Night of the Doctor.’

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Do I honestly expect to see Christopher Eccleston come back? No of course not, the odds are more favorable of getting William Hartnell to return. However, a tenth-anniversary nod would not be complete without at least some acknowledgement to the Doctor who started it all…again. Maybe this will be in the form of a long-distance shot of a stand-in for his Doctor. I’m just hoping it’s not another bad insertion of Clara into past footage.