Torchwood: First Trailers From Big Finish Released

Torchwood is back! And now you can get your first taste of the new mission in a pair of first-look trailers from Big Finish Productions.

It was in early May that Big Finish first announced they would be producing a new series of Torchwood audio dramas. The six-part series is set during the early days of Torchwood and will feature one member of the team in each release as they investigate a worldwide conspiracy.

The first release, aptly named Torchwood: The Conspiracy, will be released in September and stars John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness. Here’s the official synopsis from Big Finish:

Captain Jack Harkness has always had his suspicions about the Committee. And now Wilson is also talking about the Committee. Apparently the world really is under the control of alien lizards. That’s what Wilson says. People have died, disasters have been staged, the suspicious have disappeared.

It’s outrageous.

Only Jack knows that Wilson is right. The Committee has arrived.

And here’s the brand-new trailer:

In October, the series continues with Torchwood: Fall to Earth, featuring the return of Gareth David-Lloyd as fan-favorite character Ianto Jones. Here’s the Big Finish synopsis:

The SkyPuncher is the first private spaceflight. But Ephraim Salt’s visionary project has gone horribly wrong – the ship is falling out of the sky and there seems no way to stop it.

Ianto Jones thought the flight would be sabotaged. The only problem is… he’s on board.

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And here’s the first trailer:

You can pre-order the first two releases now or subscribe to the entire series at a huge savings.

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My wife recently watched Torchwood for the first time, and as I caught bits and pieces of various episodes with her, I realized how much I miss it — especially those early Series 1 & 2 episodes. So it’s great to see Big Finish stepping back in time to reunite the crew and bring us an previously unseen adventure. I can’t wait to see who else they bring back for the remaining releases.

What do you think? Are you excited for the return of Torchwood? Which character(s) are you hoping to see return? Sound off in the comments below!