A flood of pics from Girona, producers hire horses in Almería, and a look at the sets at Larne


It’s all happening in Girona. The Game of Thrones production team has been building sets and dressing the city furiously, Maisie Williams is reportedly arriving in the city today, and filming begins in literally days. Before the cameras start rolling, here’re a few more shots of the sets.

This is another image of the marketplace area we’ve seen before. It’s widely assumed that the producers will kick things off in Girona by filming scenes in Braavos, so expect Arya to be stumbling through this area as a blind little girl.

Here’s a shot of a new area in the city. I can see Arya wandering through this dark Braavosi alleyway, too, but I can also see this archway standing in for an area in King’s Landing. Girona will stand in for both cities this year, and it’s possible the producers will film things in both areas concurrently. The inevitable cast sightings should provide some clues on that.

"Spoiler Alert – Season 6 GoT Girona scene pictures"

Cycle through a lot more pictures of the sets in Girona above. There are yet more on this blog. If you wanted to make your way around Girona blindfolded, you could probably study all these images and make a decent go of it.

Elsewhere in Spain, La Voz de Almería reports that the Game of Thrones producers are planning to hire around 100 horses for when they film scenes the Tabernas desert, in the province of Almería. There won’t be any filming there until October, but it certainly looks like the kind of place where a bunch of Dothraki might ride.

La Voz also reports that the production is looking to build “circular huts that revolve around a large temple” in El Chorrillo Sierra Alhamilla, another area the production will be filming in Almería. Vaes Dothrak?

Leaving Spain, the Larne Times has a shot of a set being built, or possibly taken apart, near the Northern Irish village of Larne—we know that the show recently filmed an enormous scene involving 400 extras in this area, but it was on private land, so there were no photos at the time.

Picture by Bill Guiller.

According to photographer Bill Guiller, “There weren’t any characters on the set when I went there, they seemed to be clearing it away.” That probably means this tower was being stripped down rather than set up, implying that the show is done with the area after filming that mysterious 400-extra scene. If the show needed that many people, they were probably filming something involving the Dothraki horde that picked up Daenerys at the end of Season 5, so maybe this was some kind of Dothraki outpost? Either that, or (crazy theory incoming) it was a stone tower in Westeros, implying that Dany will take the Dothraki over the Narrow Sea next year and start wrecking stuff. Hey, we don’t know now.

Finally, here’re a few more pics from Girona, since they are so plentiful. Stay tuned for more reports from the front as filming starts up!

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