White Walkers spotted in Girona…but not really

On Tuesday, the Game of Thrones production team will film a major scene in front of the the Cathedral of Saint Mary in Girona. Without giving too much away (click here for the full spoilery lowdown), it involves a horse on the cathedral steps, some giant green screens, and a couple of prominent King’s Landing based-characters. Here’s the production readying the area for filming.

By all accounts, the scene will be complicated, but we had no how idea complicated until Twitter user  posted this picture of a White Walker looking out a window of a building overlooking the filming area.

Now, so far as we know, Girona will be standing in for Braavos, King’s Landing, and Oldtown during Game of Thrones Season 6, so that means that the White Walkers will be heading across the Narrow Sea or way south next year, right? Well, no, very likely not. The production people were probably just messing with the throng of onlookers, but still, weirder things have happened…at some point in history, surely.

Here’s another shot of the facade of the cathedral being prepared for filming. Notice the seven-pointed-star banners being unfurled to either side of the entrance.

Those banners will cover false pillars the production has put up to cover another pair of statues. Unaltered, there are a total of eight statues on the facade of the cathedral: one on either side of the doorway and six above, arranged in two rows of three. It’s not hard to imagine the production altering the six visible statues to make them look like six of the seven gods worshiped by the people of Westeros, and then adding a seventh god in somewhere else.