Cast Talks Jon Snow, Season 6 In Pre- and Post-Emmy Interviews


What’s better than Game of Thrones breaking Emmy records left and right this week? All the interviews that the cast is forced to give on the red carpet and backstage! Even better, all the questions come from reporters who, with a lack of novels to follow, are frothing at the mouth for any hint of what’s to come next season. The cast handled this in a variety of different ways.

Maisie Williams’ reaction is to stick to her guns. Jon Snow is dead, you’re all SOL, and, in the famous words of the Dread Pirate Wesley: “Anyone who says differently is selling something.”

If you’re Sophie Turner, you can laugh manically when asked, and then change the subject.

Here she tries talking about herself, but she drops an interesting hint about the current filming in Belfast. Apparently a scene being shot right now—and I do believe she might mean that big battle scene—is being shot at night. Interesting. Also: “We can hope that she fell into a big pile of snow.”

E! Online did a round up of all the cast’s reactions. I love that Carice decided to just stop speaking English.

Reporter: Is that a hint?
Gwen Christie: No, it’s just a series of words.


Not in the video, but in the accompanying article, John Bradley talks about finally meeting the family he’s spent the last few seasons dreading. Apparently they looked a little different than he remembered.

“Good looks run in our family, obviously… The thing I found interesting about meeting those guys, the guys who are gonna play my family, is Sam’s spoken about them so much over the course of the series — they’re always on his mind, they’re referred to so much — I’ve had to cast them in my mind I’ve had to have a visualization of them. To see them in reality — see them physically, the people that Sam’s been talking about all this time — was a kind of strange experience, but it was really great to have that relationship play out in reality.

“It’s part of the storyline I’ve been wanting to happen,” he added.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau says Jon’s dead…to him.

George R.R. Martin makes sure to thank all the dead people. Note there’s one “dead” person he forgot to thank.

And though some on Twitter reacted badly to Game of Thrones’ win, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau wants us all to know next season is going to be something to look forward to.

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