Game of Thrones Season 6 will (probably) include Riverrun (pics)


Fresh news from the internet: Riverrun, the ancestral seat of House Tully, last seen on Game of Thrones in Season 3, will very likely make an appearance in the show’s sixth season, if these pics from Instagram user jamcall are any indication (thanks to WiC commenter Frederic for pointing them out).

That would be a riverfront castle built somewhere near the village of Corbett in County Down, Northern Ireland. The castle has a drawbridge, just like Riverrun, and the entranceway has a trout—the sigil of House Tully—carved above it. There’s no official confirmation as yet that this castle, which looks to be under construction in these pics, is Riverrun, or even that it will be used for Game of Thrones at all. At the same time, it’s got Tully markings all over it and it’s a medieval-style castle going up in an area where HBO has filmed scenes for Game of Thrones before. Do the math. This is easy math. Like, four plus three.

If this is indeed Riverrun, it means that we’ll finally be returning to the Riverlands in Season 6, something we’ve been guessing for a while, given that David “Walder Frey” Bradley has been spotted around filming locations, casting calls have been looking for a Septon Meribald-type character (not to mention those bandits), and because Jaime Lannister’s story in A Feast for Crows takes him directly to the gates of Riverrun, where he tries to negotiate a peaceful surrender with the Stark (and Tully) loyalists still holed up there.

It stands to reason that Jaime may head there in Season 6, but if he does, it’ll probably be later in the year, as we know that Jaime will be in King’s Landing at least as late as Episode 6 (assuming he doesn’t leave King’s Landing and come back, which is possible). Still, the producers aren’t bound to follow exactly what happens in George R.R. Martin’s books, so we may be visiting the castle for another reason. Does this mean a return for Edmure Tully (pictured above), who featured in Jaime’s scenes in A Feast for Crows? Will Brynden “the Blackfish” Tully (Clive Russell) come back? Will we meet Genna Lannister, Jaime’s sassy aunt? More as it develops!

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