An advance look at HBO’s limited SteelBook editions of Game of Thrones Seasons 1 and 2 (UPDATED)

Early next month, HBO will release new limited edition Blu-ray boxsets of Game of Thrones Seasons 1 and 2. These new editions will be SteelBook sets, meaning that they have a metal exterior and a plastic interior, to keep the discs extra super safe. There’s also some very cool new cover art from Elastic, the company that designed the iconic Game of Thrones opening sequence. We’ve got an advance look at what these new editions offer.

Mainly, they look extremely neat. The header image shows the boxsets as they look before being removed from their plastic sleeves, which provides yet another layer of protection. The sleeves open at the top, so you can remove the boxsets gingerly, possibly with a pair of tongs to heighten the drama. Here’s what they look like from the back while still in their sleeves.

Once you remove the boxsets from their plastic prisons, the party begins. The artwork for Season 1 depicts a direwolf sigil set against what looks an overhead shot of Winterfell from the opening sequence, while the artwork for Season 2 has the Lannister lion set against an overhead shot of King’s Landing.

The sigils are slightly inset in the cover itself, so there’s a nice texture to the metal casing. More art on the back:

Perhaps best of all, for collectible purposes, the sets come with two “Collectible Sigil Magnets,” one for the Starks and one for the Lannisters.

When the plastic sleeves are on, the sigils are held in place over the boxsets themselves, as you can see in the header image, but they would also look pretty great holding up grocery lists and the like on a refrigerator.

Another big draw of these sets is that they feature newly remixed Dolby Atmos soundtracks. If you have the necessary equipment and speakers, this means that sound effects, dialogue, and music will play in front of, behind, to the side of, and even above you for a completely immersive sonic experience. If you don’t have the equipment, it’ll fine with your plain ol’ TV-mounted speakers, too.

Finally, here’s what the first season SteelBook looks like when opened up:

There are three discs on the left side and two discs on the right. They’re stacked on top of each other, and honestly it’s a little difficult to pry them off the knubs that hold them in place. I’m afraid that I’m going to crack the discs, but it gets easier with a little technique.

Both of these Steelbook editions will be released on November 3. HBO has said that SteelBook editions of Seasons 3 and 4 will follow on the heels of Seasons 1 and 2.

Will you be adding these to your home collection? Keep in mind that sigil magnets are involved.

UPDATE: As long as we’re looking at glossy collectors’ editions, feast your eyes on this upcoming leather-cloth boxset of all the Song of Ice and Fire books, out on October 27. If your looking for something to tide you over until The Winds of Winter, you could do worse.