Natalie Dormer teases Season 6 in Women’s Health


Natalie Dormer’s career is on a role of late. She’s filming material for the sixth season of the biggest show on TV, she’s appearing in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2, and she’ll shortly be headlining her first horror film: The Forest.

And now, she’ll be appearing on the cover of the December issue of Women’s Health (she’s also on the cover of Women’s Health UK). Everything is coming up Dormer.

We’ve got some advance quotes from the article, and of course Dormer discusses Game of Thrones. Last we left Margaery Tyrell, she was rotting in a jail cell under the Sept of Baelor, but Dormer’s comments make it sound like she won’t be there for long. Warning: Season 6 spoilers follow.

"Margaery is a savvy chick and she’s trying to find an angle—she’s trying to find a way to get out of that cell so it’s pretty amusing and ingenious the route she decides to take."

We’ve known that Margaery will get sprung from the High Sparrow’s prison cells for a while. Apparently, the High Sparrow lets her go because he’s converted her to his cause, but we’ve long suspected that Margaery might be faking religious conviction so she could leave. Dormer’s comment about the “amusing and ingenious” way Margaery gets out of her cell reinforces that suspicion. “Amusing” and “ingenious” are words you use to describe clever plots and ploys, not genuine religious conversions.

Dormer also talked about playing Margaery more generally, and credits executive producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss with keeping the Game of Thrones set an interesting place to work.

"Margaery has been with me now for five years and she’s—it’s great, she’s a part of my psyche. It’s great when you’ve been part of a phenomenal show like that that keeps pushing the boundaries with its scripts and keeps you on your toes, has a familiarity to it as well, so it’s easy to go back into the skin. It’s the perfect balance really. The creators of the show, David and Dan, try really hard to take it from a different angle, explore different ideas every season. There is never any complacency. Everyone is still working as hard as they did in the first season. It’s a beauty to go back to Game of Thrones. It’s like going back to camp, it’s like going back to school. It’s all family, it’s familiar. It’s like stepping back into an old skin really."

It’s great to hear that everyone on the show works so hard. I’m sure it’s murder on their personal lives, but if that’s what it takes to give us a wonderful show, I’m willing to risk it. Thanks, guys!

Dormer can soon be seen on the big screen as in the Hunger Games finale as Cressida, a propaganda director. Dormer described the final film in the series as “a war movie,” and had an amusing response when asked how she would survive if entered in an actual Hunger Games.

"I’d die basically if I was in the arena. I think the cannon would go…Oh god, what would I need to have with me? Brienne of Tarth. Can I cross-pollinate? If I could take Gwendoline Christie [from Game of Thrones] into the arena with me, I will probably be fine."

Incidentally, Gwendoline Christie is also in Mockingjay, so that’s not a completely outlandish request.

This being a health magazine, Dormer also has a fair bit to say about diet and exercise, extolling the virtues of running, yoga, juicing, and hummus. For the full story, check out Women’s Health when it hits the stands on November 20.

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