Announcing “All Things Rowling”—Accepting Submissions


Hello, good people of WiC. As you may have noticed, I’ve been posting a little less over here in recent days. That’s because we’ve been working hard to prepare for a brand new site, which is launching right now, today, as we speak. Presenting All Things Rowling, a site focused on everything from the Potter fandom, the coming Fantastic Beasts fandom, not to mention the BBC’s upcoming Cormoran Strike Mysteries, based on Rowling’s novels. It’s, well, all things J.K Rowling, and her Wizarding World.

As one of Hollywood’s most powerful authors along with George R.R. Martin (as well as one with lots of initials and periods in her name) we were thinking that you, our lovely readers, might be interested in checking out another magical world that crosses over from books, to TV, to movies, and back again. No, we don’t have a mother of dragons, but we do have a Magizoologist, and all our actors have British accents, even if some of them are going to find themselves in period dress in New York in a year’s time.

Along with announcing the new site, we’re also looking to hire writers for it. So if you have a hankering to write all about the Potterverse, or once wrote Potter fanfic back in the LiveJournal days and might be interested in doing it again, or just want to experience what it’s like to create content for the internet on a daily basis, drop us a line and a resume.

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