Doctor Who To Have Different Tone With New Companion

Whenever a new companion comes aboard the TARDIS, the dynamic changes on Doctor Who. The Doctor and this new companion need to get used to one another, and it can take some time before the chemistry that existed before returns. Of course, the same can be said when there is a new Doctor meeting the previous companion, but I digress.

However, that dynamic, and the overall tone of Doctor Who, will be jolted by the new companion. According to Steven Moffat, that companion, who is not even named, will fundamentally change Doctor Who as it is known.

Unfortunately, there are not many details on this new companion. A major reason for that appears to be that even Moffat is not sure what the companion would be, stating that it is in “quite the early stages.” However, considering that he has pitched the idea and the arc of Series Ten to the BBC, it would seem that Moffat has an interesting idea in mind.

This idea, that the heretofore unnamed companion would dramatically alter the series, would seemingly eliminate anyone that has already appeared on Doctor Who. Osgood already turned down her chance to join, as did Perkins in Series Eight. Shona was a popular target as a new companion following Last Christmas, but would bringing her back really alter the show on a fundamental basis?

What this may signal, however, is that the era of the eye candy human female companion has passed. Instead, we may have a different type of companion, perhaps one of another species entirely. With the vastness of space, it does seem peculiar that, at least in the new incarnation of Doctor Who, the Doctor had primarily chosen human females to accompany him on his journeys.

With all of the different races and species in the Whoniverse, it is certainly strange that the companions have not been more diverse. While there were a few different types of companions in the original Doctor Who, that same diversity has not crossed over to the new incarnation. Perhaps that is about to change.

Whatever it is that Steven Moffat has in mind for Doctor Who going forward, and as the Doctor’s next companion, things will certainly be different going forward. Considering the changes that can be expected, this new companion, who or whatever they end up being, will be a major catalyst.