Some More Doctor Who Themed Etsy Items

Last year, we brought you ‘Doctor Who on Etsy.’ Here are some more fantastic items from the site.

As do most fans of Doctor Who, we at Doctor Who Watch love discovering cool and unusual items with the theme of our beloved program. In the past, we have brought you various articles on some of our favorite finds. New stuff is always being created, however, so we thought that we should probably do another Etsy article for this holiday season. (We apologize that it is too late for Hanukkah.)

Enjoy the stuff!

TARDIS Candle by Old Glow Candles, credit:

Our first item is the TARDIS Natural Scented Candle by Old Glow Candles. It did not even occur to me until now that we, as the audience, have no idea what the TARDIS smells like. I do not know if, as is this candle, she would be musky with a hint of pine, but it sounds quite pleasant. I also appreciate that the candle is made with soy wax.

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Speaking of wax…

Doctor Who Melted Crayon Art by KGkitten’s Korner, credit:

Our next item (the featured article image) is Doctor Who Melted Crayon Art by KGkitten’s Korner. This textured abstract wall art features the TARDIS being protected by her force field from a deluge of melted blue crayon wax. Two unidentified silhouetted figures emerge from inside, one holding an umbrella over the other’s head. It is an ideal piece if you are looking for something visually interesting.

TARDIS Doctor Who Travel Poster by Magic Mushroom Paper Co., credit:

For another variety of wall art, take a look at this TARDIS Doctor Who Travel Poster by Magic Mushroom Paper Co. This sharp vintage style poster features the TARDIS shaded by a tree with the sun shining over the horizon in the background. Part of the caption is a quote by the Doctor from the episode ‘The Big Bang.’ It reads, “We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?” In addition to this, it says, “Travel by TARDIS.”

Personalised Doctor Who UNIT & Torchwood IDs by PoisonousFrog, credit:

If you are on a particularly tight budget, but are looking for a customizable item, check out these Personalised Doctor Who UNIT & Torchwood IDs by PoisonousFrog. Not just a cool keepsake, they could also be used as cosplay and fan film props.

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What is your favorite Doctor Who item on Etsy? Let us know in the comments.