Awesome 3D map of Westeros, and other Game of Thrones curiosities


Let’s get right to it: Reddit commenter spriggans made a 3D map of Westeros, and it’s pretty damn cool.

I love the spread of colors throughout the map, from white in the snowy north to yellow in sandy Dorne.

It took spriggans two years to complete this map. It’s 20” by 30”, and materials include acrylic, polystyrene, and foamcore. Toothpicks and skewers stand in for the trees. I love the gravely look of the Kingsroad.

In fact, I pretty much love everything about this. It’s clearly Westeros, but an expressionistic version of Westeros. Head here for more images of it.

Spriggans gave the map to his friend for Christmas. Lucky friend.

In other Game of Thrones crafts, this A Song of Ice and Fire-themed cake surfaced (or re-surfaced) on Reddit. The books are out of order and A Dance with Dragons isn’t included, but still: neat.

Finally, the official HBO PR Twitter account got in on the red carpet action from last night’s Golden Globe awards by tweeting this GIF of Emilia Clarke as…a cat.

I feel like there’s a joke here I’m missing. Did they make her a cat because of the way she’s moving her face? Did she say something? Just because. Eh, whatever. Neat GIF.