Doctor Who: Catherine Tate Discusses the Possibility of Returning to the Show

Catherine Tate has been enjoying doing Doctor Who radio adventures with David Tennant lately, but she has not ruled out also coming back to the television show one day… just not in the way that you would expect.

In a recent interview on Lorraine, Lorraine Kelly suggested to Catherine Tate that she would like to see Tate return to the televised Doctor Who. The following is an excerpt from their exchange regarding possible characters:

Kelly: I just thought it would be great if you could have been the first woman Doctor Who. Because the thing about Doctor Who is you could come back to Doctor Who any time as your great-great grandmother, or your great-great granddaughter because it doesn’t matter. . . . That’s the joy of that program, isn’t it?

Tate: Yeah, and they do tend to find really clever ways of bringing people back that you would think, “Yeah… there’s no way.” I mean, personally, I think, with my character, I don’t think she could because of the nature of how she left would mean she sort of can’t come back.

Kelly: That’s true.

Tate: But, yes, I hope that, yeah… I’m sure there will be a female Doctor one day.

Kelly: One day there should be, there should be.

I concur that there should be a female Doctor eventually, but not that it is impossible to bring back Donna Noble. Everything is wibbly wobbly on Doctor Who. If they can do other things thought to be impossible, like break through to and from a supposedly inaccessible parallel universe, then they can find a way to fix Donna’s brain. They just have to be careful to not cheapen her tragic departure by way of a careless deus ex machina. (It could be argued that such a plot device has been used with the parallel universe, but I feel that it was done acceptably well.)

I would, however, accept seeing Tate in some other role on Doctor Who. An ancestor or descendant would be interesting, as would being both the first female and the first ginger Doctor. The Doctor has been known to use faces that he has seen before — and, considering that Donna was in ‘The Fires of Pompeii‘ with Caecilius, some significance could be made of the Doctor using both of their faces. In any case, it would be fantastic for her to return to the show again.

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Tate’s upcoming projects that she has been promoting are 1) the hour long, one-off, comedic farce Do Not Disturb on UKTV Gold and 2) the stage musical Miss Atomic Bomb, with shows from March 7th to April 9th, 2016 at St. James Theatre.