Doctor Who: The New Sonic Screwdriver is Unveiled


Doctor Who has seen numerous sonic devices of various shapes and sizes. The Twelfth Doctor’s new sonic screwdriver is certainly more than a handful. Let’s see if he knows how to use it.

The sonic sunglasses were already gone. We had seen the Twelfth Doctor give his sonic screwdriver to River, completing the circle and explaining where she got her own. Now, the Doctor needed his own sonic device. As much as I enjoyed the sunglasses, however, we were not going to be treated to another pair.

But what, then?

Well, another sonic screwdriver will be making its way to Doctor Who. As you can see from the picture, it certainly makes a big impression, and is causing a swell of excitement amongst the fans.

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So, is that a sonic screwdriver in your pocket, Doctor, or are you happy to see me?

"Ten: Compensating?Eleven: For what?Ten: Regeneration – it’s a lottery.— ‘The Day of the Doctor‘"

The new sonic is certainly quite the large tool for the Doctor to be lugging around, and may become easily exposed from either his jacket or trousers. And given River’s reaction to the device, the Doctor should also be concerned about it going off before he wanted. Though her grasp is skillful, it is hard to say what will come as a result.

There may also be the concern that River, and potential future companions, would not be able to leave it alone. We have seen the Doctor pass his screwdriver around in the past, but this new, bigger sonic may leave others in shock, unable to keep their hands off it. Indeed, this could lead to quite a few awkward situations as the Doctor may need to have others unhand his tool so he can use it.

The new sonic screwdriver is built for plenty of action. Knowing the Doctor, it will be put to the test time and time again, as he wriggles out of more tight jams when Doctor Who returns. How stimulating!

God, I miss Jack!

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