Doctor Who: Maisie Williams Wants Idris Elba to Play the Doctor, but Will Accept the Role if He Doesn’t

The Evening Standard reports that Maisie Williams wants to see Idris Elba play the role of the Doctor on Doctor Who. If he does not get the role, however, she would love to do it.

Virtually everyone who is a fan of Doctor Who has at least one actor in mind whom they would like to see play the Doctor. We at Doctor Who Watch are no exception to this. One of my top picks is Tilda Swinton. From comments that have been seen over the years, she seems to be a popular choice among fans.

Maisie Williams, “this year’s Rising star at the Evening Standard British Film Awards,” has recently let her choice for the Doctor be known. In a recent interview with the Evening Standard, she discusses how, if offered the role, she would currently be too busy. There is, however, a particular circumstance in which she would accept it.

“Yes it would be cool, but right now I’m locked into some other things. I think a female doctor would be incredible,” she told us at Sunday’s ceremony.

“I think a black doctor would be incredible. I’m all for Idris Elba – but if not I’ll take it for the team and do it!”

Like Swinton, Elba has made a fantastic showing as a fan favorite amongst top picks for the role. We would provide statistics, but it is practically impossible to quantify something like comments on Facebook.

Many fans of the James Bond franchise have also been clamoring for Elba to take the role of Bond after Daniel Craig leaves. Contact Music cites (without link) a quote from Elba regarding his feelings on being asked about this:

“I don’t even want to answer,” he told Britain’s The Times Magazine. “There is no point, you know. There is nothing to say. I have nothing to say on Bond. I sometimes slip into a conversation about it and I get quoted again and it looks like I’m always talking about it. I’m over it.”

Elba would be great as the Doctor or Bond, but, currently, he is not officially reported to be considered for either. Could it soon get to the point when he is tired of being asked about the Doctor, as well?

In regards to the concept of Williams taking the role, she would do a fantastic job, but is still too young. It would also be an overuse of the Doctor taking on the faces of other people considering that Me 1) is already an immortal and 2) was recently on the program.

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What do you think of Idris Elba in the role of the Doctor? What do you think of Maisie Williams in the role of the Doctor? Who are your top picks? Let us know in the comments.