Doctor Who: Robert Downey Jr. Rumors Getting Absurd

Robert Downey Jr. may well want to appear on Doctor Who, but let us not get our hopes up.

With any time of turnover in a television show, there will be a lot of speculation as to who will be coming on board, and Doctor Who is no expection. Sometimes, these rumors can make sense; other times, they appear to be so far out of left field that one would think that someone just opened up a Hollywood magazine and threw a dart at a list of names as to who will be the next Doctor, or Master, or companion.

The latest speculation that Robert Downey Jr. will find his way to Doctor Who would almost fit into that latter category. However, it may that he would be interested in being a part of the show at some point, as he mentioned that he sat with a writer and watched a “particular episode” to help break a story on a project. It’s interesting, and shows that Downey could be a part of the show in some facet, but that is really all.

Instead, the speculation has to go in directions that are almost absurd. From one innocent statement that Downey Jr sat with a writer and would be interested in being a part of Doctor Who, the thoughts are now that he could be the next Doctor or the next Master. That is quite the leap, given Downey’s current schedule and the fact that nothing was ever stated on his end about taking on such a role.

Also, let us not forget that Downey is American. While he did a good job in the Sherlock Holmes films, actors who have played both the Doctor and the Master have traditionally been from the United Kingdom. Is that suddenly going to change after 53 years? That seems incredibly unlikely.

Now, this is not to disparage Downey Jr at all. He is an excellent actor, and if he took on the role of either the Doctor or the Master, he would likely do a suberb job. But to put his movie career on hold, just to take on a recurring role on Doctor Who seems quite farfetched. After all, he is Iron Man already, and quite busy with various superhero movies. Would Downey Jr. really walk away from that?

There is certainly no harm in speculating on someone joining Doctor Who, nor in a person’s interest in being a part of the show. But let us be realistic here – Robert Downey Jr. is not walking through the TARDIS doors, hanging up his jacket, and taking the ol’ police box on a spin throughout time and space for another three seasons.