Doctor Who Needs More Diversity According to Peter Capaldi


Peter Capaldi has not stated whether or not he plans on staying with Doctor Who after Series Ten, but he has some ideas as to what the next Doctor should be like.

When one thinks of the Doctor, there are very few similarities between the different incarnations. The Doctor has run the gamut from old to young, thinner to more heavyset. Essentially, the one thing that the Doctor has not been is a redhead.

It also happens that the Doctor has not yet been a minority. Throughout the run of Doctor Who, the Doctor has been portrayed by a white male, regardless of age. Even though we have seen that Time Lords can change gender and race upon regenerating, the Doctor has remained essentially the same. How much longer will that continue to be the case?

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According to Peter Capaldi, it may well be time for the Doctor to better represent the diverse nature of the United Kingdom. According to an interview with Newsweek, Capaldi said that Doctor Who is at its best when reflecting the current times, and that the casting of the Doctor, should he depart, is no different.

"“I think it’s important the show reflects the times,” Capaldi said. “The world’s in a tough place at the moment and the Doctor is a hero for all times. So I think he, or she, or it—because he’s not a human being—should reflect the times.”"

It would be interesting to see the Doctor portrayed by a different type of actor. While there is a divide among both fans of the show and former cast members as to whether or not the Doctor should be female at some point, it would be difficult to argue against greater diversity in the role.

As Capaldi said, the times have changed since Doctor Who first appeared on the airwaves. With greater diversity in the United Kingdom, and a more diverse audience for the show, it is time for the program to reflect those changes. If this leads to the Doctor being a different race and/or gender, then so be it. Being a talented actor and someone who truly appreciates the history of the show does not know any limits of gender and race.

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Eventually, everything must adapt with the times or be left behind. Doctor Who is not an exception, and if Peter Capaldi is correct, the Doctor may find himself reflecting that diversity in the near future.