Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble Novel to be Released in May 2016

The BBC Books Doctor Who Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble novel, In The Blood by Jenny T. Colgan, will be released in May 2016.

Amidst the excitement of David Tennant and Catherine Tate returning in May 2016 to the world of Doctor Who in Big Finish’s The Tenth Doctor Adventures, we will also be getting a Tenth Doctor and Donna novel on May 12th! In The Blood by Jenny T. Colgan will be the BBC’s first full-length Tenth Doctor novel since 2009.

In The Blood by Jenny T. Colgan – credit:

In this novel, the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble will be up against an alien virus that feeds off of the negative energy that internet trolls generate by means of their virtual reign of terror. This introduces a new element to the tradition of stories about computers, the internet, and virtual reality in the realm of Doctor Who. Some notable examples from television are ‘The Face of Evil,’ ‘Silence in the Library‘/’Forest of the Dead,’ ‘The Bells of Saint John,’ and ‘Dark Water‘/’Death in Heaven.’ Some of these stories are included in the article ‘Disembodied Heads and Faces of Doctor Who.’

There was even this amusing series of 1980s Prime Computer television commercials with Tom Baker and Lalla Ward, as the Fourth Doctor and Romana, respectively:

And as the Twelfth Doctor helpfully warned Osgood in ‘The Zygon Inversion,’ “Don’t look at my browser history.” She simply could not resist, however, just as most fans would be unable to do, myself included.

Anyway, speaking to Radio Times, Colgan discusses how the story ties into the Doctor Who fandom, in a meta sense:

“The thing is, I’m a Doctor Who fan, obviously, and 99.999% of fandom is absolutely lovely – I can’t stress that enough – but a tiny proportion are quite aggressive, and that’s puzzling to me, because it’s the antithesis of everything the Doctor stands for. So the book is looking at modern rage, how pent up people can get. It’s pent up anger that the virus feeds on, all that frustration with nowhere to go.”

We at Doctor Who Watch agree with this sentiment, and have, on various occasions, previously discussed this faction of the fandom. An excellent example of this would be last year’s article ‘The Doctor Who Guide to Handling a Brabbling Troll.’

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