Title for Season 6, Episode 5 revealed


A couple of days ago, HBOAsia revealed the title of the fourth episode in Game of Thrones Season 6. Now, its website has revealed the title for the fifth episode. Stop reading if you don’t wish to be spoiled.

Episode 1 is “The Red Woman.” That’s already happened. HBO officially released the titles for Episodes 2 and 3: “Home” and “Oathbreaker.” According to HBOAsia, the title for Episode 4 is “Book of the Stranger,” which is nice and intriguing. Now, according to HBOAsia’s schedule, the title for the fifth episode, the first of two directed by Jack Bender, is “The Door.”

It’s not guaranteed that the titles on HBOAsia’s website are accurate, but the odds seem good. We’ll wait and see if HBO tries to stem the tide—I’m sure the network would prefer the episode titles be released in a more orderly fashion.

In any case, “The Door” isn’t nearly as specific a title as “The Red Woman,” “Oathbreaker,” and “Book of the Stranger.” It’s more like “Home”—it’s a general title that could mean anything.

Still, there are some significant doors in the series. There’s the Moon Door at the Eyrie, the one through which Lysa Arryn fell in Season 4. In the Song of Ice and Fire novels, Daenerys has fond memories of a house with a red door. It’s the house she grew up, but it hasn’t come up on the show. There’s also the weirwood door through which Bran and his companions cross under the Wall, and the door to the House of Black and White is memorable. Can you think of any other important doors?

We could also be talking about a more general door, a significant door we haven’t encountered yet, or a metaphorical door. Like I said, it could mean anything.

HBOAsia has a page for Episode 6, but no title as of yet. It might pay to keep an eye on that.