Doctor Who Series Ten To Start Filming In Two Weeks

In one of the signs that our wait for new episodes of Doctor Who will be coming to an end, Series Ten is slated to begin filming in two weeks.

Christmas time is still over six months away, and 2017 is a bit further into the future. Unfortunately, we have to wait until then in order to see new episodes of Doctor Who, an agonizingly long time for those of us who are eager to see the new companion, Bill. If only we had our own TARDIS to zip forward through time!

However, in one of the signs that our wait is drawing to an end, Peter Capaldi, speaking at Dallas Comic Con, stated that filming will begin in two weeks. At that point, the new adventures of the Twelfth Doctor, and his latest companion, will begin to come to life. Start the countdown!

It is certainly going to be interesting to see what Series Ten will be like. Not only is Pearl Mackie making her debut, but we are in the midst of the transition between Steven Moffat and Chris Chibnall. How much of an influence will either have on this season? Will that same darker feel from last season, which was so well suited for Capaldi’s Doctor, continue this year?

There are plenty of other questions surrounding this season as well, particularly when it comes to Capaldi’s tenure on Doctor Who. Since both David Tennant and Matt Smith departed the TARDIS for the last time after three seasons, speculation is going to continue as to whether or not Capaldi will continue on after this season. Add in the new showrunner, and those rumors are sure to increase even more.

There are plenty of storylines surrounding Series Ten of Doctor Who. Fortunately, since filming is slated to begin in two weeks, we may start to get a few answers to our questions in the near future.