Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) in Northern Ireland during Season 7 preproduction


Jason Momoa just can’t let go of Game of Thrones or the role that made him a household name: Khal Drogo. During Season 6, Momoa repeatedly took to Instagram to react to big scenes involving Daenerys, often accompanied by the words “Aloha Drogo.” In one post about Dany, he wrote “See you soon.” And in another, wrote “See you in Ireland.” Both of those posts have since been deleted. Are these hints that Khal Drogo, like Benjen, the Hound, Jon Snow and others before him, could also find his way back from the dead, or at least that Momoa could appear in a dream or something? (Recall that Momoa appeared as Drogo in a vision in the Season 2 finale, pictured above.)

Well, as Momoa points out, he is in Northern Ireland right now.


“[S]o happy to be back.” Okay.

And here he is with showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, drinking.

And once again, the words “Aloha Drogo” are part of the text.

Now, let’s be realistic. Benioff and Weiss are in town, yes. But they’re in *pre-production.* Filming hasn’t started yet. There’s no Emilia Clarke, there’s no other Dothraki types hanging out being extraneous extras for Season 7. In short, the show has not begun filming yet.

Now, filming in Northern Ireland traditionally starts before it does in Spain (which rumor suggests will be in October). And chances are that will be true this year as well. But until we see the cast arriving at the Belfast airport, and Momoa hanging out drinking with them on Instagram, chances are this is just a really well timed coincidence, with Momoa in town filming something else while Game of Thrones is gearing up for Season 7.

(As for why Benioff and Weiss would participate in a fake-out for Drogo return? Do I have to remind you of the Shae Swindle last season? Exactly. If there’s one things these guys love, it’s messing with us obsessives. Thanks guys!)