Game of Thrones production rebuilding Winterfell set, preparing to film in Spain


Preparation for Game of Thrones Season 7 continues. Thus far, we haven’t seen anyone filming on one of the many lovely outdoor locations the show has secured, so we assume that the bulk of shooting at the moment is happening behind the doors of of Titanic Studios in Belfast. However, the production has been preparing those outdoor locations for a while. For example, we know it’s returning to the Corbet-Banbridge area, which is where the Riverrun set is located. Now, multiple sources are reporting that the production is headed back to the village of Moneyglass, long home to the Winterfell set.

When last we were at Winterfell, Jon Snow had been elected the new King in the North (although he didn’t ask for the honor), and the place was packed with soldiers. Will the Knights of the Vale get along with Jon’s northern bannermen? What of Littlefinger and Sansa? We’ll bring you news from the area as it comes in.

While sets are going up in Northern Ireland, officials in Spain are hiring staff. According to Hoy, the production is looking to hire over 20 security guards and assistants to help with filming in the province of Cáceres. Hiring starts tomorrow, Wednesday.

The province of Cáceres seems to be the main filming hub in Spain. Filming will take place in a few locations: the village of Malpartida, Trujillo Castle, and in the city of Cáceres itself. Per Hoy, the production is expecting around 500 crew members to take part in this filming, most of which will happen in Malpartida. Specifically, the production is expected to do a lot of work around Los Barruecos, a beautiful natural monument near the village.

Image credit: Mario Modesto Mata. License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

What will be filmed at Los Barruecos? Apparently, “unique spectacular aquatic scenes that require lots of extras.” Sounds exciting. The city of Malpartida thinks so, too, and has put this image up on its website:

Given the coastal nature of the area, it does make sense that Daenerys’ fleet might be involved. Filming in Cáceres province is expected to start in November and run through December. This is an important area for the show.

The show will also film scenes in the coastal village of Bermeo, in the north of Spain. Specifically, it’ll shoot at San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, another beautiful locale.

Image Credit:multisanti (Santiago Díaz). License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

 According to El Correo, shooting here will happen in October, “with the arrival of the first cold.” (Can you imagine how pretty that place would look dusted with snow?) Again, the production is looking for locals to serve as assistants and security personnel, and will choose people at a gathering in the town square today. Per El Correo, the production will shoot in the area for “two or three days.”