ModExpoR Internacional casting Game of Thrones extras to shoot scenes in Zumaia


Image credit: Mikel González. License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Spain license. (This image is cropped.)

Lately, we’ve heard a lot of buzz coming from Itzurun Beach, in the Spanish town of Zumaia. The Game of Thrones production is currently building sets there in preparation to film scenes for Season 7. Now, ModExpoR Internacional, the organization that hires extras for HBO in Spain, has put up a casting call.

Or rather, it’s put up a tease for a casting call, with a promise for a full one to follow at the end of the week. Here’s what the casting professionals are looking for now:

  • They’re only looking for men over the age of 18.
  • ModExpoR prefers locals, but it’ll consider foreign residents with the proper documentation.
  • ModExpoR reiterates that this call is for extras, not actors. So sorry, those hoping for their big break.

Really, this doesn’t tell us much. If the show is looking exclusively for men, we can bet that the scenes will involve soldiers. As the show is filming at a beach, Daenerys’ army comes to mind. We’ll look out for the more complete casting call for more clues.

The Game of Thrones production will film scenes in Zumaia for six days starting on October 26.