SPOILERS: More HD Quality Photos Surface from Filming Game of Thrones Season 7 in Zumaia


Image credit: Mikel González. License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Spain license. (This image is cropped.)

Earlier today, we showed you blurry footage of the meeting between two very important groups in Game of Thrones Season 7. Now, thanks to some beautiful HD quality photos, we can clearly see what is happening between the two factions. However, before we move on, I must tell you, these are SPOILER filled photos. Consider yourself warned.


 Oh, my! These SPOILERS taste quite delicious.

Still here? Good! Hot off the Twitterverse, we have a few HD quality shots of Jon Snow and his retinue, meeting Dany’s closest advisors, while filming in Zumaia for Game of Thrones Season 7 continues. And away we go!

Here we have Jon and Tyrion shaking hands, as the Dothraki look on. Notice the amount of clothing each Dothraki man is wearing, has grown, since last season. I love that Tyrion’s Hand of the Queen pin is on full display here. I wonder what the dialogue in the scene is? “Hey Tyrion, ole buddy, remember when you took that piss off the Wall? Yeah, those were good times! Ummm…no, Yoren isn’t with us anymore…yes, yes Thorne is dead, you can stop grinning like a Shadowcat now. Anywho, there probably won’t be a Wall to pee off of, if we don’t get one or two of those darn nifty Dragons. Can ya help a brother out?”

Ah, and here’s Dany, Tyrion, and Missandei just chilling. The Mother of Dragons is rocking a new cloak, as well as her most trusted advisor, Missandei. Tyrion…well Tyrion looks like Tyrion. Dany: “Did he say he wanted one or two of my dragons? Hahahahahaha!”

Seriously, Missandei is rocking the all black on black ensemble, and I am totally digging it. Also, while I may have said Tyrion is, well, Tyrion, he definitely looks to be back in black, as well, as it were.

Here’s a tweet from @DanyUnburnt showing Jon and Davos approaching Lord Tyrion, Hand of the Queen, with Missandei and an unnamed Dothraki male, who looks like he could be the new commander of the Dothraki Horde.

Notice Jon’s soldiers, dressed like any self-respecting Northern soldier would be armored. Finally, we have a photo tweeted by @SoffLuv who took a picture with Theon Greyjoy himself, Alfie Allen.

While we don’t have any leaked filming photos, or videos for that matter, of Alfie Allen shooting scenes at the Dragonstone location in Zumaia, this tweet does suggest that he is in town, and could be weirwood and chilling inside the castle…oh wait, he’s missing a crucial piece for that to happen. More food for thought: What if this photo hints that it was Yara who was kidnapped by Euron, and Theon escaped with the rest of Dany’s fleet, to the safety of Dragonstone?

And, if he is indeed at Dragonstone, then it is very possible that he and Jon are going to come face to face for the first time since Season 1, Episode 2, when Jon left Winterfell for the Wall. Ooooh boy! Won’t that be a fun conversation? Oh well, hopefully, we will see a shot of Theon filming scenes, very soon. Stay tuned for more updates, as they come.