Westworld Theory: What does Delos want?

We know that Delos is interested in Westworld’s IP, but why is that so valuable to the corporation?

As always this Westworld theory may contain spoilers, you have been warned!

We know that Delos’ interest in Westworld revolves around the IP (intellectual property) of the hosts. It had been implied early on in the series when Lee Sizemore and Theresa had a conversation about management having other motives in the park. On last night’s episode however we got confirmation that the Delos corporation wants to do more with the hosts than just run the park.

There are of course many Westworld theories out there about the corporation wanting to introduce the hosts into the real world as servants or soldiers of some kind, but I think that’s just scratching the surface of possibilities. The real value in the hosts for a corporation like Delos would be in replacing people.

I think there are three ways that Delos might want to use the technology. First they could replace lost loved ones with a host. Ford made a remark to Bernard early on in the series about “Lazarus.” Lazarus was of course the man in the bible that Jesus brought back from the dead. You could understand why it would be profitable to be able to provide a host version of lost loved one. People might be willing to pay anything to be able to hold their child again.

The next way Delos might use the Westworld IP is to provide some sort of immortality. If you could transfer your thoughts and memories over to a host, would that host then be you? This is a question found on the Westworld website in the Delos questionnaire:

You were in a car accident and unfortunately there is nothing left in the wreckage. Luckily you planned ahead and had your entire anatomy measured and mapped, and all of your memories logged and saved. An exact replica is constructed from all this information – is this you?

Of course that question could also have some much more sinister implications, and I think that’s the most likely direction for the show.

We saw that when Ford had Bernard kill Theresa there was a host being made. That host of course is most likely a copy of Theresa, which Ford will put in Theresa’s place.  This body snatching plan of Ford’s is probably also where Delos wants to use the Westworld IP. Think about the price a government would pay to be able to make a perfect copy of the leader of another nation… The Delos corporation could essentially take over the world with only a handful of hosts. Delos obviously has no problem being manipulative, so do you really think they would be opposed to this?

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