Westworld Theory: Theresa will be back

Theresa might have met her end at the hands of Bernard on last night’s episode of Westworld, but we think she will be back…

As always this Westworld theory may contain spoilers, you have been warned!

Theresa Cullen met a grisly end last night at the hands of the “man” she had been in a relationship with. Last night’s big Westworld reveal was of course that Bernard wasn’t a man, but a host. Ford had Bernard bring Theresa to his secret lab under the secret cottage and then kill her there. It’s not just that Ford wanted Theresa out of the way though, I think Ford has bigger plans.

When Bernard and Theresa entered the lab they saw a host being made. Then when Bernard was killing Theresa we caught another glimpse of the host being constructed, with Bernard and Theresa in the background. The implication can’t be missed, the host being created is a replacement for Theresa.

It immediately made me think of the scene from earlier in the series where Bernard notices how Theresa’s brow wrinkles when she’s angry. Ford has had Bernard watching Theresa, so that she could be replaced, for a long time now.

You also have to remember that a big influence for Westworld was Fallout 4. In Fallout 4 the Institute and Father create synths that look just like certain humans, and then have the humans replaced.

What’s particularly interesting is that this is probably what the Delos corporation wants to do with the hosts as well. The corporation wants the Westworld IP because they want to be able to replace people. The irony is of course that they don’t realize that Ford is already doing that, and may have been doing that for years. Ford also knows the entire Delos board is headed to the park; giving Ford an opportunity to replace them all and take control of the entire corporation.

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