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Take the Black podcast: Season 7 premiere date, new teaser, ice-gate, and more

Game of Thrones

Welcome back to another episode of Take the Black, Winter is Coming’s Game of Thrones podcastThis week, we discuss the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere date, the first official teaser of the season, the size of Dany’s dragons, and other information gleaned from the Game of Thrones panel at South by Southwest.

More on our topics:

  • HBO’s terrible idea to reveal the season 7 premiere date by slowly melting a block of ice.
  • Season 8 will only have six episodes. We have a variety of reactions.
  • Is there a Game of Thrones spinoff coming, and who will manage it?
  • We read WAY too much into the symbolism behind the “sigil teaser,” and discuss each House’s role in the wars to come.

As usual, Take the Black leans on the NSFW side (beware of F-bombs). Also, there are SPOILERS for Game of Thrones season 7 in there, and a healthy bit of speculation. Proceed with caution.


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Take the Black Podcast: Season 7 Premiere Date Revealed, Dany’s Dragons are Quite Large, and the New Teaser gets Dissected

What did you think of the “sigil teaser” for season 7? What was your interpretation of all the symbolism? Do you think we’ll see an ice dragon in season 7, or was Dan Weiss simply having fun with the audience? Let’s discuss in the comments below. Oh, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts and questions for the next episode of Take the Black in two weeks. Valar Morghulis, y’all.


  • I thought it was a lion’s paw rather than a bear claw and it signifies Olenna’s role in Joffrey’s death, remembering that Joffrey’s first sword was called Lion’s Paw. IIRC Joffrey complains about Arya throwing Lion’s Paw in the river in the episode when Lady is killed, and everyone sniggers at him.

  • Tyrion usually has the best lines, especially in the earlier seasons. I think it’s interesting that the show runners made a point of mentioning it this one. You know he has to have a conversation with the Queen of Thorns about being falsely accused of poisoning Joffrey. He is still possibly married to Sansa, so he may introduce himself to Jon as his brother in law. After Jon and Daenerys give in to lust, his final line welcoming them back after a long trip may be “I hope you found the time to get to know your aunt”.
    According to the leak Tyrion does have a conversation with his sister. That should be priceless.

  • 1st Impression, what a clever bitch in this stupid yap yap yap, cackling laughs ‘Take The Black’ buffoons all. waste of time less you like all the backslapping know all’s in said podcast, you’d think GoT is only shown in the US, new’s for you, it’s a worldwide show, minutes into this show they are still prattling on about the melting block of Ice, hey up. ‘BORING’ shut up…It’s a disgrace to be made to wait till mid-July well a revelation I’ve lost Interest In all this time, sorry no excuses, oh still on about ‘Ice’ grating voices. HBO you’ve messed up, losing viewers, is a PPA.

  • One topic I would really love to hear your guys opinion’s on is how/if the Daenerys prophecy given by Mirri Maz Duur will be broken

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