Sexism in Doctor Who and the Doctor Who Fandom: Does it Exist?


Many turn to Doctor Who for their messages of acceptance and understanding but is sexism alive and well in the fandom for the show?

The simple answer to the question of sexism within the fandom of Doctor Who is yes, it exists. As someone who has experienced it in more ways than one, it is clear that it is alive and well within our beloved fandom.

From simply suggesting a woman take on the role of the Doctor to going to an event for the show, the men on this fandom have a way of breaking down women fans like I’ve never seen before. Let’s start with the suggestion that we have a woman play the Doctor.

I wrote an article with suggestion to which everyone said “The Doctor can’t change genders so no women”. While that is inaccurate (we’ve seen on the who that Time Lords can definitely become Time Ladies), it is also small minded. To justify their idea, they said that the Doctor has always been a white man so he should remain as such.

And that’s not even getting into events. I went to the premiere in New York City for Capaldi’s first episode and every man I came in contact with asked me if I even liked the show. I had to defend my love by showing my tattoo to them and still they questioned me. Just because I was a woman. This is not a show for just men and the fandom really needs to recognize that.

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So the next time you think of throwing that girl under the bus or questioning why the Doctor can’t be a woman, maybe don’t. Doctor Who returns this April and we’ll find out who the new Doctor is soon enough!