The guy who played Young Hodor is running for public office, and other tidbits


As a show all about how to get and keep a grip on power, Game of Thrones regularly crosses paths with the world of politics. But rarely this directly. The Hastings & St Leonard Civil Observer reports that Sam Coleman, the actor who played young Hodor in Game of Thrones season 6, is running to become Labour councillor for the new Bexhill West ward. He’s 20 years old. “I decided to get involved in politics because I realized that things would not change themselves,” he said.

"As a young person, I have seen young people’s services, recreational businesses and activity centres close as a result of austerity driven cuts. Growing up as a young carer, I have witnessed first-hand the struggle disabled people have faced as a result of cuts. These issues drove me to investigate what I could do. I am not a politician. I am not in it for money or ambition. I just want to make a difference."

Coleman’s campaign promises include sorting out parking problems, developing more “youth-friendly recreational businesses and centres,” and getting young people more interested in politics. Here are some potential campaign slogans:

  • Sam Coleman: He’ll Hold the Door for You
  • Sam Coleman: A Hodor for a Better Hodor
  • Hodor Hodor Hodor

Leave your suggestions!

Coleman talked about Game of Thrones, too. “I was a massive fan of the show and I never thought I’d get the part but I did and it was one of the best experiences of my life.”

"I was also humbled when Jack Bender, the director, asked me to make my character’s seizure as realistic as possible, giving me the opportunity to bring awareness of seizures to the wider public. Several of my family members are epileptic and so I used my knowledge of epilepsy and other conditions to try and create something identifiable, despite its time-travelling, fantastical nature."

Best of luck to Coleman in the race! The elections for East Sussex County Council will be held in May.

Elsewhere, The Hamilton Spectator has an interview with cast member Tamar Hassan — he played Khal Forzho, one of the many khals Daenerys burned to death in season 6. Hassan had been trying to get onto the show for years — he even auditioned for the role of Khal Drogo back in season 1 — and was at the point where he was willing to do it for free when it finally happened.

But once he had the role, he was faced with a barrier: the language. “Learning that Dothraki language was nigh-on impossible. Emilia [Clarke] does it brilliantly. I said to her, ‘How do you do it?’ and she said, ‘Babe, I’m six years in. It does get easier.”

"She’s beautiful and so much fun. She kept us all entertained on the set. There would be 10 guys all around her, but she’d be holding court and have us all lapping up her every word."

Forzho is likely a pile of ash by now, but if the call somehow came, Hassan would “go back in a heartbeat.”

Finally, the Belfast Telegraph has video of Peter Dinklage explaining why he’s not keen on taking pictures with fans.

Does he have a point about people not bothering to make memories anymore? #ThingsYouCanPonderInTheShowerOrOnTheBusOrWhileDaydreamingAtWork