Review: World Enough and Time, season 10’s best episode – so far


World Enough and Time brought was a rollercoaster ride of an episode, but it was the best ride for any Who fan.

It’s Wednesday, and I still can’t put into words how fantastic this episode was. I was originally worried about possible over-hyping, but it the episode was under hyped. There are not enough words in the English language to talk about how good this episode was.

Which, is probably why it’s currently ranked the second highest best episode of Doctor Who, right behind BlinkPart of me just wants to say we don’t need a review, you just have to watch it. However, I do like writing a good review, so here we go.

Mondasian Cybermen Return

For Classic Who fans, including Capaldi himself, this was a major event for anyone who loves Cybermen. The Mondasian Cybermen have only been in one episode, back in 1966 with the first Doctor. They’ve been explored in other media, including Spare Parts, a widely known audio with the fifth Doctor, but never seen on screen until now.

The return was more than the fans could ask for. It wasn’t just a slightly disjointed return with a quick excuse of how they escaped; the episode explained everything. They not only showed the return but how the Cybermen were made. The pain they felt, by literally having one say “pain” over and over. It would chill anyone, and make the Cybermen that much more terrifying.

In Bill’s case, we had a flashback to Amy Pond, who is widely known as “The Girl Who Waited”. In this case, Bill is the second girl who waited. As horrible as it is to see a companion leave, especially to be turned into a Cyberman, this was an incredible way to officially bring them back.


In this episode, we continue to see Missy change, little by little. She’s given a chance to save a spaceship from danger, but still, has her little isms that will never change. From calling the Doctor a cradle robber (which is true) to disregarding Bill and Nardole, she’s still far away from being completely “good”. However, we do see a marked change in her as she tries to save the Doctor.

As always, we have to give a shoutout to Michelle Gomez’s fantastic acting. In the beginning of the episode, she was lighthearted and funny, making jokes about the Doctor’s name (or was she?). She played the character perfectly, as always. But she truly shined in this episode, especially when she meets her former self. Threatening to turn him into soup, it was still remarkable to see how easy she could change from comedic to dramatic.

Not many people could pull off a character like the Master turning good, but many people are holding onto hope that Missy will change. That’s a testament to Gomez’s acting over the last episodes, but especially in this week’s, when we really see her try, and her way of acting with Capaldi.

The Doctor has an emotion

Out of everything, Capaldi shined the most in this episode. In one of his best episodes, he does a fantastic job of relaying how important Missy is to him. It can be confusing how the Doctor always comes back to the Master, sort of like an old ex. But somehow, we understand, and in this episode, the Doctor laid it out for us.

She was his man crush. While it served as a bit of comic relief, this was incredibly important. We learned that the Doctor has always had some sort of feeling for the Master, romantic or not. The most important part was when he revealed that she was important because she was “the only one remotely like me”. While true, it’s also a heartbreaking line, as we remember all the people the Doctor has watched go, and understandably wants someone who will stay with him.

All of the underlying emotion in these scenes could not be carried out by just anyone. I don’t think I would find it as heartbreaking as I did when The Doctor said these words if it was any other regeneration. Capaldi truly made what we’ve known true – the Doctor loves the Master. Truly and deeply, he just wants his friend, or more, back.

John Simm is back!

I can’t even begin to explain how good John Simm’s acting was. Whether or not you caught that Razor was the Master from the beginning, it was still beyond exciting to see him take off his disguise. He’s back, and we already know that he’s going to make it as hard as possible for Missy to turn good.

World Enough and Time Doctor Who Season10,Episode11


The episode left many unanswered questions, and we’re hoping that everything gets answered this week. It puts a lot on The Doctor Falls, but after this episode, I have faith that Moffat and the amazing cast can deliver.

Tell us what you think of the episode! Did you like it? Love it? Let us know!