Meera Reed



Meera is the daughter of Howland Reed and the elder sister of the late Jojen Reed. Jojen was capable of greensight, and convinced Meera to help him find, protect and assist Brandon Stark on his quest to find the Three-Eyed Raven. The pair convinced Bran and company to travel north of the Wall, and endured many trials before he arrived at the Three-Eyed Raven’s cave.

Before he was killed by wights just outside the cave, Jojen told Meera that she must protect Bran at all costs. Whatever grievances she’s had, Meera has carried out his wish. It is Meera’s voice that alerts Bran to danger in “The Door” (S6, Ep 5) and she who carries him away from the Three-Eyed Raven’s cave after it’s overrun by wights.

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Now that Bran and Meera are nearing the Wall, it looks like she’ll accompany him south to Winterfell. We don’t know if she’ll survive the journey (we hope so), but if she does, Meera is also a potential romantic interest for Bran. After all, don’t these kids deserve some happiness after all they’ve been through?

But she’s also someone who never asked to get involved in a life-or-death struggle for humanity’s survival. If she manages to deposit Bran with friends, she could very well head home to the Neck to get some much needed rest and relaxation.