SPOILERS: Sky Atlantic promo shows off new Arya scene from “The Spoils of War”


Earlier this week, HBO suffered a massive hack. People are still sorting through the bulk of it — no full episodes of Game of Thrones seem to have leaked, if you’re wondering — but fans eager to see footage from future episodes may not need the help. British broadcaster Sky Atlantic has run a promo for Game of Thrones season 7 that contains some potentially explosive footage. You can watch it below, but beware rather large SPOILERS.

Well, maybe they’re not that large. Lemme set the stage. When last we saw Arya Stark, she had turned north and was heading back to Winterfell. In the trailer for Episode 4, “The Spoils of War,” we saw an image of her on her horse, the castle on the horizon. So we were pretty sure she would make it home very soon.

Still, the footage in the Sky promo goes quite a bit further. Below, we see Arya in the Winterfell courtyard, Needle in hand, face a blank mask of composure. As Sansa looks on, Arya spars with Brienne…and it looks like she’s winning without breaking a sweat.

That’s a pretty interesting development! (And for spoiler-hounds, yes, that does match up with plot leaks that have been floating around the internet for a while.) We also note that HBO didn’t include any shots of Arya in its batch of official images for “The Spoils of War,” so it probably didn’t intend for this scene to get out. Then again, Sky is a perfectly legitimate channel, so we don’t think this qualifies as a leak.

Faceless Assassin Arya Stark, back home with her Queen-in-the-North sister and Three-Eyed-Robot brother. The gang’s (almost) all here.

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