Isaac Hempstead Wright discusses Bran’s purpose and his rivalry with Littlefinger


After spending two seasons north of the Wall training under the old Three-Eyed Raven, Bran Stark has made his way back to Winterfell, having graduated from student to master. Speaking to assembled media at an AT&T store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, star Isaac Hemptead Wright revealed his thoughts on the role he thinks Bran will play in the remainder of the series. “Bran’s got information on the origin of the White Walkers, which ultimately is the biggest threat — this massive apocalypse looming. And so I think that’s where Bran’s gonna be most useful.”

Wright, who said he only got into acting for “something to do at the weekends,” was coy about exactly how Bran would be useful, or if he’d even make it to season 8 — the closest he got to teasing anything was when he said that “I really think the Jon Snow thing is such a red herring in the same way the Iron Throne is perhaps the greatest red herring in TV history.” He was more concrete about Littlefinger, whom Bran spooked last week by quoting his signature line — “Chaos is a ladder” — back to him. Should Bran be worried about Littlefinger? “Potentially, yeah, I think so. Although in many ways I think Bran has transcended all those human fears and worries.”

"There’s no malice, I don’t think. He’s just sort of indicating to Littlefinger that he knows what’s going on. He’s seen everything, and I think that is probably the most frightening thing for Littlefinger, who has always been on top with information, who always has his little spies out. There’s no way he can outfox Bran on that."

Finally, Wright told a cute story about working with Kristian Nairn (Hodor) back during the early days of the show, saying that, for a while, “I was just singing ‘SpongeBob’ songs in his ear, which he didn’t appreciate.” That goes without saying.

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h/t Chicago Tribune