Michele Clapton goes in depth about Daenerys and Cersei’s season 7 costumes


Over on its Making Game of Thrones blog, HBO is giving fans a closer look at costume designer Michele Clapton’s meticulous work on the costumes for season 7. Let’s go on a sartorial adventure.

After already showing off Daenerys’ winter coat, we can now get up close and personal with other of Cersei’s and Daenerys’ beautiful outfits.

Daenerys Targaryen: Warmer with her Boots on

In an interview, Clapton said that although there were some changes to Dany’s looks once the Mother of Dragons reached Westeros, which has a colder climate, some aspects remained the same. “We kept the boots and trousers because that’s her trademark. I wanted to start going towards charcoal and red, because those are [Targaryen] sigil colors,” she said.

One special accessory deserves more attention: the heavy chain with three dragon heads worn by the queen since the season premiere. “There was a weightiness to it. I wanted her to have authority,” said Clapton. She also explained that she chose the chain instead of a crown. “I didn’t want her to wear a crown, but I wanted her to wear something that signified status”.

Cersei Lannister: A Dark, Spiked Queen

Regarding Cersei Lannister (whose looks include a lot of spikes this season), Clapton described her style as “extravagant.” When designing her outfit for the Dragonpit scene, Clapton weaved in some foreshadowing — the key was in the slashed pattern on the back of her coat.

“I knew she was lying,” Clapton explained. “Something about the slashing and the twisting told you a lot about her character, a contradiction of the costume from the front. It’s almost like a sting in the tail, something on edge as you see her walk away: there’s something really disturbing about this woman.” Can anyone disagree on that?

See more images at the Making Game of Thrones blog.

Jon Snow finally sends Sansa a raven

HBO also released close-up pictures of Jon Snow’s letter to Sansa Stark, in which he informs his sister of his decision to bend the knee to Daenerys.

We can also get to see the transcripted book in which Gilly read about that important annulment.

Head to the Making Game of Thrones blog to see other angles on the props!

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