Doctor Who Opinion: Should we redo the First Doctor’s stories for TV?


As the excitement for the First Doctor continues, I can’t help but get an idea in my head.

David Bradley has been impersonating William Hartnell for a couple of years since Adventure in Time and Space came out. In the documentary that was written by Mark Gatiss and had different actors playing the people in the Doctor Who cast and crew in the 1960s, Bradley’s impression of Hartnell shone.

Now, of course, we’ll be able to see him in this Christmas Special, Twice Upon a Time, as the first Doctor himself. He’ll also continue the role in the Big Finish audio stories as the First Doctor.

Which now begs the question. With the First Doctor cast, as well as Ben and Polly onscreen and Susan through Big Finish, do we have enough of a cast to possibly recreate the First Doctor’s tales?

Why this would work

For fans who don’t have access to the Classic Series, this could be a gamechanger idea. Give the fans what they’ve been longing for. A way to see the show in a 1950s way, with some 2017 changes thrown in.

For instance: Color TV. Is it possible that New Who fans are more likely to watch The First Doctor if it’s in color rather than black and white? While this may seem like a dumb argument, black and white television seems like (and is) a different generation. The first Doctor is a great watch, but it’s easy to get distracted by realizing how old these episodes actually are.


Also, the infamous lost episodes. If BBC was willing to take a leap and bring the new First Doctor cast on, they could redo the lost episodes. That would bring fans of the Classic Series and the New Series together, as everyone wants to see those episodes we missed.

I’m not saying this is going to happen, or that it should. It’s just something to think about. The First Doctor is where it all began, but many people, unfortunately, don’t listen to audios and would rather watch it on television.

What do you think? Should David Bradley reprise William Hartnell’s role in a Classic Who 2.0?

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