Season 8 filming: Shooting begins on the Winterfell set


HBO has been shooting material for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones for a while, but we haven’t seen a lot of actual filming, at least not on the outdoor sets. But now, @alinaastark has photographic proof that the production has come to one of the show’s most iconic locations.

Yes, the production is abuzz at Moneyglass, where its retooled the Winterfell set, adding on battlements and walls. Zoom in on Alina’s images, and you can see lights aglow, and supply trucks aplenty. Things are happening.

As for what’s being filmed there, it’s anyone’s guess. Although some shooting at nearby Toome may provide some clues.

Elsewhere in the North (and beyond), the production has cleared the set that stood in for the frozen lake where Viserys died last year:

Nearby, the gigantic mystery set being built on a lot near Titanic Studios in Belfast is getting even bigger, although it’s still unclear what it’s going to stand in for when it’s finally finished.

Alina thinks we’re looking at King’s Landing, and given the scope of it all, that seems like a good bet.

And finally, Irish Thrones has a scoop on some minor activity happening near Linen Mill Studios at Corbet-Banbridge, where the show has filmed, among other things, scenes at Riverrun.

So the Winterfell drawbridge has come down. But as Irish Thrones notes, there’s no guarantee it won’t be back. The Riverrun set is an interesting case, since it stood all through the filming of season 7 even though it wasn’t used. If it wasn’t coming back, wouldn’t they have dismantled it earlier?

More as it breaks. Thanks to @alinaastark for all the pics!

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